Forest Frolic is coming up on July 31st—register today!

Now that dedicated trail maintenance volunteers have cleared the storm-felled trees from the Forest Frolic course, it’s time to register for the in-person race in Kennedy State Forest on July 31st!

The 15K (8.9-mile) course is a figure-8 that boasts 1,700 feet of climb; the 7K (4.1-mile) course follows the shorter, more scenic loop of the 15K and features about 700 feet of climb. Both courses have you splashing across a stream and ascending to the rock pile where the famed Monster (of the Monster Marathon) once dwelled. The courses consist of 50% single-track trail, 30% logging roads, and 20% dirt roads. The trail is well marked (painted blazes on trees, double blazes at turns) and clear of brambles.

The 15K course is the same as the FLRC Challenge course, so those running the longer distance can submit their times to the Challenge afterward. And even if you’re not running the FLRC Challenge (but it’s never too late!), you can take advantage of our turn-by-turn RunGo voice directions to do a run-through of the course beforehand. If you’re interested in a group run on the course the weekend before, reply here.

I am interested in running this trail the week ahead. I can’t actually do the forest frolic due to the cayuga lake triathlon the following day! :frowning:

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Too many great races. :slight_smile: I can’t remember if @heathercobb3 will be around next weekend, and I’ve been laid low with babesiosis, so I probably won’t be able to run, but I’m sure we can scare up someone like @mickiejauquet to coordinate the group if need be.

Yes, I’m tentatively planning to do a group run out at Frolic on the 24th.

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I just remembered that I wouldn’t be able to make the practice run through if it is on Saturday, but if it was on the Sunday, 18th, I could make it. No worries though if it is firm to do them on Saturday mornings.

Another possibility, @brittanycronk, would be to look at the new Pace Partners list for you in the FLRC Challenge leaderboard and see if anyone who’s similar to you in pace and has already done the Frolic course would be interested in meeting up for a run. Looks like your top four hits of @kag22, @sryan004, @melissakuo, and @bobtalda have all done it. Maybe one of them would be up for a run on the 18th.

For anyone curious about the Pace Partners feature, check out the full explanation.

The Forest Frolic means a lot to me. Trail running has become a big part of my life over the past decade, and the Frolic was my first trail race after having run on trails only 2 or 3 times before running the Frolic 15k. That was the summer of 2011, so this year’s Frolic will be my tenth anniversary of trail racing. I’m looking forward to the race and hope that some trail newbies will find as much joy and fulfillment in the sport as I have.


I have signed up, but will not have a car. If anyone is driving from Ithaca, could I carpool with you?

Hi everyone, same question as Aaron: I have signed up for the race, but I don’t have a car. If anyone is driving from Ithaca, could I carpool with you? I am fully vaccinated and will obviously bring a mask to wear in the car. Thank you so much!

@Benedetta_Carnaghi @aaronking32 I can get you there in my trusty Subaru. But be warned I will be one of the slower runners in the 15k so the return trip may be a bit delayed. I am downtown on Utica St. but can pick you up on the way out if it’s not too out of the way or in the easterly direction. Send me an e-mail on

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Thank you so much for your availability! I just sent you an email :smiley: