Hammond Hill Hoctathon Star Posts

Thanks for the corrections, @dennis-s, and I’ve updated the instructions to match.

I didn’t know the left trail to avoid the little loop was deprecated. I’ll check in with the Friends of Hammond Hill about that and perhaps go for the right trail.

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@Challengers, I confirmed what Dennis says above, and I have adjusted the RunGo directions to send you around the loop to the right at the request of the Friends of Hammond Hill trail stewards. As a bonus, the course is now just a bit longer, so you can spend more time in the lovely forest of Hammond Hill.

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@Challengers Not being able to see these trails in person is killing me. Now I’ve gotten the opposite information from another member of the Friends of Hammond Hill, who says the original map was correct, and we should run on the left side of the little loop on Y8. I’ve reverted the instructions to the original and added a request to let me know if they work now. Maybe someone can post photos of that intersection.

I’ll be running out there on Saturday and if no one posts anything by then, I will be sure to get some photos. (And hopefully not get lost…)


I ran it last weekend and didn’t see the little loop on Y8 at all. I just followed what seemed like the only trail in that section. I also managed to use the wrong directions a second time.

Check out the second paragraph at this link, specifically mentioning the old ruins:

The original Hoctathon taking the slight left follows the brushed-in trail and not the blazed trail to the right. You can’t go wrong following the blazed trail. I would go by that.

Augh! :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to Heather’s pictures.


Sadly I can’t make it to tomorrow’s Thom B, but at least I got my fix of Hammond DEC trails this weekend. The Hoctathon trails were somewhat sloppy, but I expect the Thom B to be mostly dry by Sunday morning. I started a double loop at 5:30 and only saw a few people out there later in the run.

The RunGo cues for the B3 loop got me thinking about the Hammond B3 organ and its use in classic rock. (Think Al Kooper’s organ sound on Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”, among many other songs.) Perhaps it could be a theme for a future group run. At least it seemed like a good idea when I hadn’t much else to think about during three hours of running. Also, what’s a hoctathon, and what’s good pseudo-Greek word for double hoctathon? Dr Google, Ph.D doesn’t seem to have any idea.

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I don’t see what the discrepancy is. Everyone should be following Y8 uphill — it’s clearly marked. No reason to go off the trail regardless of what RunGo says.


From the course page, where I knew this question would come up:

What’s a “hoctathon”? It’s like a marathon that’s around 8 miles long and brought to you by the letter H, for Hammond Hill!

As for a double hoctathon, since we’re all adults here, one possibility would be a seducathon. Because sedecim is Latin for sixteen and it’s oh-so-hard to resist that second loop. :wink:

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Pete was right, this was a soupy mess. I counted 38 red efts - I was hoping for 2 more to keep with the theme of the course and have a multiple of 8, but alas my eyes did not spy them. I did, however, spy a barred owl, which surprised me right as the problem directions we’ve been trying to sort out came up. What timing!

Tried to scan the QR code but none of the races were coming up. Only realized when I got home that my Webscorer was still logged in as FLRC from when I helped time the CHES 5K a few weekends ago. The run is public on my Strava.

To the Thom B runners tomorrow: may the mud be ever in your favor.

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