Hartshorne Masters Mile press coverage

Woo! Hartshorne just got a pre-race writeup from Paul “The Running Professor” Carlin, who is well known for covering masters running.

Remember, everyone is invited to come watch the races at Barton Hall—they’ll range from inspiring to exciting.

That’s awesome! What times are the women’s elite 1 and men’s elite 1 scheduled for?

They’ll be at 11:15 and 11:30, but I recommend coming for the Elite 2 heats as well—they’ll be equally as impressive, if not quite as fast. Full schedule here.

95-year-old Dixon Hemphill will be running in the first race, at 9:05. And lots of FLRC runners will be in the first four or five heats, so it’s a good chance to see friends run.

Thanks! I’ll have both of my boys with me so we’ll be on their limited attention span timeframe. Hoping to make it though!

I just came across this segment from Spectrum News:

Adam’s line almost made me choke on my PBJ while laughing: “I want to be them when I grow up.”


Thanks so much for posting that, Pete—watching now! I was going to say something about being interviewed for Spectrum News at the meet (I missed at least one race and will have to catch up when I get the videos later this week), but Krystal Cole, the reporter, didn’t know if it would end up on the Web at the time. I did get email from one acquaintance who saw it live on TV on Saturday night.

She did an impressive job of distilling probably an hour of video into 1:27, just about 400m at a 6:00 minute mile pace. :slight_smile: Lots of great quotes, and tons of familiar faces.

And even better, I think I convinced her to come to Skunk and possibly some other races as well.

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This is outstanding! Thanks for linking this, Pete!

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