Jesse Canfield has completed the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge

This deserves its own thread.

Congratulations to @Jesse_Canfield on an incredible achievement! Starting in the evening on May 20th and running through the night, he completed all 10 courses of the FLRC Challenge for a total of 65.9 miles (plus 1, since he had to get back up the East Hill Rec Way). I’ve reviewed his leaderboard posts and his Strava tracks, and everything looks good. If my calculations are correct (and dropping out the extra mile on the East Hill Rec Way), it took Jesse 13 hours, 27 minutes, and 37 seconds.

Not that 100K will ever be easy, but combining nighttime runs with daytime on one of the hottest days of the year so far make it all the more impressive.

I’ll get to work on his custom FLRC Challenge sign.


Woo hoo! Congrats to Jesse!!

Wow! Way to go, Jesse!

Nice work Jesse!

The bar has been set incredibly low so I hope someone will come in and dominate my time. (I am not even sure what it is) lots of driving and total start at Frolic- end at Danby was ~17 hours. I headed out after a prior commitment at 1900 and got to Trail Head for a 2115 start Overall conditions- great weather in the night portion. Mid 60s with some moisture in the air. Trails are relatively dry.
Day Time started out ok at Stewart Park and BD but once the heat set in it turned into a 🧟‍♂️death March.
@heathercobb3 and my friend Nick G. met up at Danby, that pulled me out of the funk and with some cold tea and good conversation I was able to finish it off making “runner like moves”:joy:
in order of completion.

Forest Frolic-
Despite having run the course multiple times including two weeks ago during an aborted first attempt I some how managed to miss the high line turn and the turn off the FLT while chatting with Friend who came out to get a night run in. Basically Free Miles

Thom B. (Didn’t have cell service so this didn’t get into web scorers, tried to load it once I was back in the grid, not sure if it worked)
Thank you to motivated and ahead of schedule Thom B course markers. It was awesome to have race day marking and confidence flags during the night. I had not run the course previously so Kudos to whoever you are Course Marking Persons.

Puesdo Skunk-Night time is not the right time for this course. The road is under construction and is missing all lines save for some temporary reflectors. I was adorned with various reflectors and lights of my own to stay seen but I would not run that at night again based on vehicles and their rates of speed

East Hill- quick ( by comparison)
There was enough Moon light so I ran it no headlamp.

Botanical Gardens- it was nice to be back at enjoying this space. Haven’t been up in iTown much during Covid. I was catching the sunrise so it was a shot in the Arm.

Waterfront 5k.- I like Stewart Park so this was cool. Minus the aggressive Geese who saw my weakened state and clearly saw an opening.

Black Diamond-I like BD 10 milers. Your turnaround is next to the tree I know by heart as 5 mile point. It was tough going up but always nice to have that 5 mile gradual downhill.

Tortoise and Hare- I was feeling good after BD. Then T&H happened. Heat started to rise and the climbing kicked me in the teeth
I was mad at the falls for being so pretty when I felt so crappy

South Hill-
Pain cave/furnace

Danby D&D-
After a quick stop at the gas station to get some ice cold unsweetened tea I met up with Heather and Nick, my spirits buoyed, so I slapped on some lube and we shuffled down the road doing some talking and run/walking.
I could smell the barn and suddenly my climbing and descending came back :man_shrugging:.
D&D course is lots of that. We took a break at the overlook and then I proceeded to run most of the remaining hills going “weeeeeeee” in my head.

The diversity of the terrain and distance provides a challenge but also a great experience. You get a whole lot of different stuff for one low low price :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Course tracks from Footpath
Group of trailhead pins from Apple Maps for driving


Way to go! I liked reading your recap. I hope you find time this weekend to kick back in the shade with a cool beverage of your choice!!!

@Jesse_Canfield where’s your DD&D recap?!

I fell asleep yo. I had been up since 4 am Thursday. In other news. 13 year old birthday party sleep overs turn out to be relatively low maintenance. It’s like they don’t want dad hanging around or something.

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Wow, what an impressive achievement! Nicely done Jesse.