Lakefront Loops 5K (and other 5Ks) Star Posts


I stepped outside to do animal chores early this morning and knew immediately that I had to go for a run today.

I needed to go with a shorter course as I’m worried about a “stretching” feeling in my hoof, so I settled on the Lakefront Loops, promising myself that I if I felt pain, I would walk.

What a gorgeous morning. I prefer to start this course with the out and back along 89 and finish with the loop. Does that loop have a name?? My mind was quieter than on the FH Fox course. I took in the warmth of the sunshine, the songs of the birds, and beauty along the inlet. Also, I took several moments to observe how different people were on the trail, moving their bodies in various ways.

I settled into what felt like an easier pace and was pleasantly surprised with my finish time … no comment on my splits.



I’m not real big on virtual races, but the Invisible Heroes 5k was too good to pass up. This is the virtual option for the in-person 5k in Albuquerque, New Mexico, organized by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists. The ASRT is the primary national organization for registered diagnostic imaging techs and is headquartered in Albuquerque. As an x-ray tech who loves running, I was happy to register for this since it is serves as both an ASRT fundraiser and a way to celebrate and recognize my profession. My goodie bag arrived yesterday in time to wear the shirt for my run.

I work in the Cayuga Wellness Center (commonly known as The Island Building) at Cayuga Sports Medicine, across the inlet from Cass Park. What better way to run it than a hard effort on the Lakefront Loops Challenge course? I went out and ran the loop in the light rain during my lunch break today. Due to two recent falls, in which I hurt my ribs, shoulder and wrist, I couldn’t give it a 100% race effort, but was happy to average under 7-minute miles. (Thankfully diagnostic imaging showed that I don’t have a torn rotator cuff or pneumothorax and that broken ribs are unlikely. Left wrist fracture? To be determined…) I had sizable wind coming from the south and had to fight it for half the run, but I got a nice boost on the out-and-back’s back to end on a high note.

Thanks to @sryan004 for taking this pic.



Totally loved Mother’s Day morning at the FLRC Women’s Distance Festival where I always run with Running Goddess Diane Sherrer in my heart and head :heart: My Mom, at 86 was delighted to win oldest participant :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I and Jodi did the Middle Finger 5k a week ago Saturday for our first Challenge actvity of the season. It is Jodi’s favorite 5k, and serves as a fundraiser for victims of Cancer. The start/finish line is right next to the welcome center at the north end of Seneca lake. The route is mostly a loop around the state park, flat and fast like Cass. I dragged myself out of bed way too early for this one, and did the best I could for how little I have been running lately.

Interestingly, it is the third year in a row we have witnessed a group of walkers in the event at the back of the pack smoking cigarettes as they went by. I’m not certain if they are just trying to be ironic, but it does make for a headscratcher.

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