OneNY Challenge Team looking for additional Teammates


Team TLC rides again. I needed a new goal\challenge for 2021. A way to find some light in the darkness. I signed up for the One NY Safe Virtual Challenge.

Stay Safe All Year - 2021 Running Mile

and the

1/2 Safe - 1010 Bike Miles

As of this writing we have the following folks signed up for one or more of the challenges representing team TLC.
Karen Ingall
Sophia Darling
Shelly Marino
David Keifer
Meghan Williams
Deb Bliss

We anticipate several others signing on shortly. We are looking for additional teammates in order to share the fun with, encourage each other and hopefully be able to share some run\walk and\or bike miles with.

Please let me know if you would care to join us. We do not need to compete in the same virtual challenge distances. Team run\walk miles are added together regardless of the distance event you chose. Same goes for the bike. Feel free to share this with anyone else you think may be interested in joining us.

2021 is our opportunity to start anew. May this be year of hope and possibility.


And just to note, simple distance-based challenges like this are entirely compatible with our homegrown, course-based FLRC Challenge, so there’s no issue with using the miles you run on the ten FLRC Challenge courses throughout 2021 to complete the OneNY Challenge miles too.

Well, except on a bike—you can run, walk, or hike the FLRC Challenge courses, but no bikes. Or jetpacks.

Here’s the link to sign up