Trail conditions for opening the FLRC Challenge trail courses

Sorry, I finished the RunGo map and it somehow didn’t save. It’s half done from when I saved midway through my progress. I’ll try to finish it later this week.

I ran the Frolic course this morning. It was almost completely dry with just a bit of mud heading up Hauck Hill, minor flooding on the power line and 3-4 very avoidable ice patches on the downhill snowmobile trail section. Very runnable and my feet stayed dry on all creek crossings. Many of the downed trees have been taken care of, and the two big ones that are still present are easy to detour around. Was pleasantly surprised to see new signs up on the main FLT/orange spur intersections similar to those in Danby on the Abbott Loop. I think the course could be open by next weekend if this balmy weather continues!

Great minds think alike!

Wow, that’s a big difference compared to when I ran there on Monday last week!

Okay, all set with the T&H on RunGo. Bummer my run at Hammond Hill yesterday doesn’t count for the Challenge :cry:

Thanks, Pete! I fiddled with T&H this morning, but you have more quite a bit experience than I do at this point. Could you also tweak the Danby RunGo directions to move the start to by the parking area and remove the little loop at the end?

Agreed! I wore my oldest trail shoes expecting a messy slow morning after your run last week but was pleasantly surprised. So excited that all these trail courses are opening up!

All set here. RunGo | FLRC Challenge Danby Down and Dirty 10k | Ithaca Thankfully RunGo has a “Save As” function, so I was able to edit the existing route from the in-person race and save the Challenge route separately, without starting from scratch. Both 10Ks are in RunGo and clearly labeled as the race course or Challenge course. Frolic is the only one remaining for the Challenge.