Triennial XIV in 2021?

Are there any rumblings regarding holding the Triennial?


I haven’t heard anything from @kag22, but it seems more conceivable than last year, for sure.

Maybe we should take a roll call, see how many people are interested and what date they would select given an option. I hesitated initially due to the pandemic, and considered holding out until next three year rotation, but if there is a lot of interested people, we should definitely try it. I have all the details, just need to select a date I think. I have another member of Mighty Isis here in Ithaca for the Summer, and we will be discussing everything tomorrow (in the bathtub). :blush:

I am in…later in the summer or early fall would give me time to get more miles in so I will be worthy!


Long live the Triennial! I’m definitely in.

I was told last night I should do this. I’m not a great runner but I’m a ton of fun! If anyone wants a slower runner on their team, I’m game.

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