We need your help—can you volunteer at an FLRC race (like FL50s on July 3rd)?

Good day, runners!

After a year away from racing due to the pandemic, we need to rebuild our volunteer database to help race directors find the volunteers who make it possible to put on races. FLRC is an all-volunteer club, and volunteering is a great way to give back, have fun with friends, and meet other runners. (Seriously, we wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t a good time.)

Can you volunteer at a race this year?

In particular, Finger Lakes 50s on July 3rd urgently needs more volunteers. It’s one of our largest, longest, and most spread-out races, and we could use your help for a few hours in the lovely Finger Lakes National Forest on that day. Note that volunteers at FL50s get a special T-shirt, free lunch, and if appropriate, free beer!

To indicate that you can help at FL50s and other races, please fill out the FLRC Volunteer Signup form. To learn about what’s involved with race volunteer tasks and how other skills would be useful, check out the FLRC Volunteer Tasks and Attributes working document.

Thanks for helping FLRC stay vibrant!

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Hi Adam,

I just signed up with the form and reaching out because I was originally slated to run the 50 miler. Unfortunately, I’m still recovering from a broken foot, so I’ve been on the volunteer circuit for a bit (Thom B, CT50s…). Curious if I could defer my entry? This race has been a “bucket list” item for me for a while and hopeful for next year!

-Sarah Dellett

Hi Adam,
I just sent in my info to help. I’m supposed to run the 25k but just broke my toe/foot. Happy to hobble around and help with anything that doesn’t require running.

Thanks! I heard through the grapevine that you were ambushed by a trampoline—sorry to hear it! I’m sure @tpdady can find something for you to do that doesn’t involve much moving around.

Thanks for helping out while you’re injured—it’s a great way to stay in touch when you can’t run. (And what is it with the broken feet all of a sudden?) I’ll have to defer the deferment question (heh) to race director Pete Dady (@tpdady). My general impression is that we don’t generally do deferments because they’re hard to track across years.

Hi Sarah
Yes you can defer your 50s entry and we would welcome your help during the race
Please email me directly if you are interested - I’m not on this forum often!
Pete Dady RD

Sure thing! What’s your email address, I’ll reach out to you….see you all next weekend for the race!