2022 Virgil Crest Ultras 100 mile relay

I see the Virgil Crest Ultras are on for 2022…I would love to be part of a 100 mile relay team…have done it 3 times in years past…our team was all over 50 then…now all over 60! Who up for it?


Hey Evan, How many people on a team? How long were the legs?
Steve Ryan

Don’t know and didn’t see it on the website…reached out t oaks…

In days of yore it was 5 runners and we did 5 mile legs except the first time when after I started with a 10 mile leg and then the team changed the legs! :grin:

Keep an ear to the ground, we’ll see what happens…


Evan, Steve: I am
m interested in running on a relay team be happy to run with you bith

I asked @Ian about it. It’s still 5 runners per team with exchange points at each aid station, and teams can divvy up the legs however they want. Each leg is around 5-8 miles.

I’m a possible.