2023 FLRC and High Noon Singlet orders open through August 27

Good day, @pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon!

We’re getting closer to the 2023 PGXC season, with the first race scheduled for September 17. Although there is no team uniform requirement, it’s fun and inclusive to wear a team singlet to match your teammates. We’re placing orders for more FLRC and High Noon singlets on August 28, so if you’d like one, now’s the chance. The price is $45, and they should arrive in the middle of the season.


For women and co-ed U19, who run under the FLRC name, we have a collection of singlets that you can borrow for a race or for the season. They all have FINGER LAKES on the back. However, if you order your own singlet, you can opt to have your last name in all caps on the back instead.

Order an FLRC singlet

High Noon

For men, who run under the High Noon name (it’s complicated), if you want to wear a High Noon singlet during the season and don’t already have one, you should order one. I’ll personally get a few extras that latecomers can buy or borrow, but we don’t have a general lending library as we do for the FLRC women. You can get your name on the back or go with the default ITHACA.

Order a High Noon singlet

Sizing is pretty much what you’d expect—I’m a Straight Medium (6’0" tall, 160 pounds), as are many other men in our group. Many women wear a Fitted Small or Medium, though some women prefer the Straight Small or Extra Small. Here’s what they look like in action. We’ll bring some to the next Tuesday night workout and the picnic for try-ons.

Any chance of using my challenge purse towards this, or has that already gone to Ian?

Alas no, completely different accounting streams. Sorry!

@pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon Just a reminder that I need all orders for the FLRC (women) and High Noon (men) singlets by Sunday night. Details and links above in the thread at:

Have these come in yet?

Yes! Sorry, forgot to mention that the High Noon orders just came in, and I’m planning to bring them on Sunday. So you and @pjboyle26 and @JesseKoennecke and @hubitron can wear them tomorrow.

@sbywater, I’ll bring them to a workout or later race, and @joshnogaret, I’ll drop yours off at the store soon.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer made a mistake on the FLRC jerseys and had to redo them, so we don’t have the women’s orders yet.