2023 FLRC Challenge Completions

Number five is on the leaderboard today, @Challengers—congrats to FLRC Challenge newcomer Julie Barclay for claiming her medal with a slodgy run on Blueberry Patch. Word on the street (trail?) is that Julie wants to complete all the courses while she’s still 49 (for a few more weeks) and then do it again at age 50. Now there’s a goal!


We have our sixth finisher, @Challengers—congrats to Bob Walters for completing his third Challenge in a row. After a brief addiction to Ellis Hollow Creek Crossings, he ventured out to Lime Hollow for a pair of runs that completed his collection.


As predicted, @Challengers, last weekend brought two more finishers. Saturday morning saw 65-year-old John Hummel take over as our oldest finisher so far with a Blueberry Patch effort that apparently wasn’t even all that muddy.

Then, on Sunday, speedster Patrick Milano hammered the Ludlowville Loop course to take over the fastest spot on that course. That pushes Mik Kern, who was busy getting married last weekend, into second place, but he might come back energized from his honeymoon to try to retake that top spot. Meanwhile, Patrick has cemented his overall lead in Most Points for men, third place in Most Miles, and second place for Age Grade.

Congrats to John and Patrick!

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@Challengers, channeling The Beatles, I’d like to congratulate our ninth finisher, Jilene Demont! Her early morning run on Six Mile Creek today completed her ten courses. Thanks to some speedy times, she has also moved commandingly into the top spot in Most Points for women and second place in Age Grade.

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And now, @Challengers, as long we’re continuing our pop culture references, congrats to Tristan Lambert and Damian Clemons, for taking the Challenge to 11. With these efforts, they move into second and third place for Most Points for men.

Tristan completed his Challenge with the course closest to his house—Ludlowville Loop—whereas Damian claimed his medal by running at least eight of the courses yesterday in an Ultra Challenge attempt. Missing from his activity log are in fact Ludlowville Loop and a Sweet 1600 (the Lansing track is right there), but we haven’t heard yet if he actually ran them and just had posting problems or if something caused him to end early. Regardless, he’s now run all ten courses!

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The family that runs together… I’m pleased to announce, @Challengers, that fully 25% of our finishers so far now hail from the Loehr family.

Congrats to Kieran Loehr, who has charged through all ten courses in 13 days while visiting his parents Jamie and Caitlin (finishers #2 and #3). Now that’s how to do summer vacation!

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Congratulations to Liz Hartman, our 13th finisher, @Challengers! Despite the lousy air quality, Liz stuck with her scheduled plan for a fast Sweet 1600 today to finish her tenth course, and she hammered a 5:50 to take the top spot for women in the Sweet 1600 and for Most Points for women in the Challenge overall. That effort also catapults her into second place in Age Grade.


Woohoo @lizhartman! :clap:

Three more finishers this weekend, @Challengers—congratulations all around. First, of course, is Dennis Stadelman, who completed all ten courses in just over 20 hours for the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge.

Then Amy Dawson and Scott Dawson, who have run nearly all the courses together so far, closed by knocking off the Sweet 1600 and Ellis Hollow Creek Crossings on their way over here for dinner last night before getting up early this morning to drive from Trumansburg all the way to Dryden to finish off with a Dryden Lake Lollipop. Hope there was ice cream at Toad’s afterwards to celebrate!

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Wow, congratulations, @dennis-s! Amazing effort. We didn’t get Toad’s afterward because we finished before they opened, but we did hit up Two Goats in the afternoon for a well-deserved lunch. Thanks!

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@Challengers Congrats to Miram Zubal, our 17th finisher! Miriam took a one-and-done approach, methodically working her way through the courses with a general shortest-to-longest strategy, ending with what must have been a nice day for Dryden Lake Lollipop this morning.

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Thank you for the challenge! My goal was to run a half marathon before turning 61 this week and I feel very accomplished! It was a beautiful morning for the longest run I’ve ever done. Finished before the much needed rain. Hope to meet challengers at some upcoming events.


@Challengers, Congratulations to FLRC Executive VP Heather Cobb for completing the FLRC Challenge on Sunday at the Blueberry Patch group run and becoming our 18th finisher! Along with claiming her medal, she’s solidly in third place in the Community Stars competition thanks to numerous posts and regularly running with others.

We have four more people waiting in the wings with nine completions each, plus a lot of folks with eight. Who will be next?


@Challengers Congrats to Ballard Smith, who completed his 10th course today by working his way up to Dryden Lake Lollipop. It was Ballard’s first FLRC Challenge, which made me go back to see who else among our finishers is a first-timer: Julie Barclay, Kieran Loehr, and Miriam Zubal also fall into that category so far. Nice to see new names so high up on the Completions list!

@Challengers Our 20th completion comes courtesy of Amalia Skilton, who cleared her Lime Hollow and Blueberry Patch courses this weekend to finish up before heading out for a summer research trip. Congratulations, Amalia!

A quick tip—the leaderboard didn’t know that Amalia had finished on Sunday because neither her Lime Hollow nor Blueberry Patch times posted from the trailheads due to spotty cell service. It’s always worth checking the leaderboard to make sure those courses post; in the Webscorer app, start from the main screen, tap Race Archive, tap My Results, tap the desired result, and tap Post My Results.

@Challengers Congratulations go to Columbia Warren, who finished off the FLRC Challenge in high style by running his Sweet 1600 at our track meet last night, laying down a speedy 5:46 that was good for the win in his heat. And he did it wearing his new FLRC Challenge shirt! (Hopefully, we’ll have photos from the meet up soon.) His time puts him into fifth place for men in the Sweet 1600 and makes him one of only six men who’ve broken six minutes.

It also moves Columbia into second place in Most Points for men.

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Two @Challengers didn’t let the air quality issues stop them this morning. Congratulations to Melissa Plank for completing her first FLRC Challenge, which she has documented with lots of stories and photos (putting her into a tie for fourth in Community Stars).

Congratulations as well to Nora McIver-Sheridan, who was our 2022 Most Points for women winner with 984.52 points. Finishing off her Dryden Lake Lollipop catapulted her into first place in Most Points for women this year with 981.58 points and dropped Liz Hartman into second place and Jilene Demont into third, the same positions they held in 2022. However, both Liz and Jilene have more points than last year, and with 7 weeks left in the Challenge, they could chip away at Nora’s lead.

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@Challengers, Congratulations today go to Ruth Sproul, who is our oldest finisher so far at 71. She has run the Lakefront Loops 5K course 10 times now, but finished off her courses with a Sweet 1600 on the Lansing track this morning. Ruth is also leading the Community Stars competition with her regular photographs, and she’s one of the top reasons that the @Super-60s-70s team is currently in second place overall.


@Challengers Congratulations to our 25th finisher of the year, Bruce Lauber! Bruce finished off his Challenge with a Sweet 1600, leaving the shortest for last.

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Here’s a special completion, @Challengers—kudos to 7-year-old Simon Woods, who completed his Personal Challenge of running 7 courses this year, culminating with what sounds like a great Blueberry Patch effort.

But that’s not all. Congratulations as well to John McKain, who finally made it out to Ellis Hollow to finish off his tenth course.