2023 FLRC Challenge Completions

My recap suggesting there would be a Saturday showdown for the first 2023 FLRC Challenge completion came too early!

Congratulations to Rebecca Lambert for defending her title from last year as our first finisher, which she completed in 7 days, down from 10 last year. Jamie Loehr was hoping to regain his title from 2021, but Rebecca’s strategy of doubling on two days and finishing with an easy hike on the short Ellis Hollow Creek Crossings course prevailed. Next year, someone’s going to have to go for an FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge right away if they want to beat Rebecca.

Kudos to Rebecca for showing us how it’s done once again, and I’ll continue acknowledging completion achievements here for the rest of the Challenge. When will you claim your FLRC Challenge medal?


And as predicted, Jamie Loehr has become the second finisher of the 2023 FLRC Challenge, knocking off the Dryden Lake Lollipop for his tenth course. It took him just 9 days, ahead of Rebecca’s 10-day completion from last year, but behind her 7-day completion this year. The Challenge accomplishments just keep getting more impressive every year. Congrats, Jamie!


@Challengers Congratulations to Caitlin Loehr, our third Challenge finisher for the year, for completing her collection of courses with three efforts on Ellis Hollow Creek Crossings this morning!

Thanks to multiple efforts on multiple courses, Caitlin has also captured numerous spots at the top of the leaderboard, including Most Points, Age Grade, and Most Miles.


We have our fourth completion, @Challengers! Congratulations to Pete Kresock for his tenth course in what I hope was a pretty run around Lime Hollow.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Pete and Jamie to see how many total completions they rack up this year, and we’ll see if he’s in shape next year to attempt a Day 1 FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge completion.


Number five is on the leaderboard today, @Challengers—congrats to FLRC Challenge newcomer Julie Barclay for claiming her medal with a slodgy run on Blueberry Patch. Word on the street (trail?) is that Julie wants to complete all the courses while she’s still 49 (for a few more weeks) and then do it again at age 50. Now there’s a goal!


We have our sixth finisher, @Challengers—congrats to Bob Walters for completing his third Challenge in a row. After a brief addiction to Ellis Hollow Creek Crossings, he ventured out to Lime Hollow for a pair of runs that completed his collection.

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As predicted, @Challengers, last weekend brought two more finishers. Saturday morning saw 65-year-old John Hummel take over as our oldest finisher so far with a Blueberry Patch effort that apparently wasn’t even all that muddy.

Then, on Sunday, speedster Patrick Milano hammered the Ludlowville Loop course to take over the fastest spot on that course. That pushes Mik Kern, who was busy getting married last weekend, into second place, but he might come back energized from his honeymoon to try to retake that top spot. Meanwhile, Patrick has cemented his overall lead in Most Points for men, third place in Most Miles, and second place for Age Grade.

Congrats to John and Patrick!

@Challengers, channeling The Beatles, I’d like to congratulate our ninth finisher, Jilene Demont! Her early morning run on Six Mile Creek today completed her ten courses. Thanks to some speedy times, she has also moved commandingly into the top spot in Most Points for women and second place in Age Grade.

And now, @Challengers, as long we’re continuing our pop culture references, congrats to Tristan Lambert and Damian Clemons, for taking the Challenge to 11. With these efforts, they move into second and third place for Most Points for men.

Tristan completed his Challenge with the course closest to his house—Ludlowville Loop—whereas Damian claimed his medal by running at least eight of the courses yesterday in an Ultra Challenge attempt. Missing from his activity log are in fact Ludlowville Loop and a Sweet 1600 (the Lansing track is right there), but we haven’t heard yet if he actually ran them and just had posting problems or if something caused him to end early. Regardless, he’s now run all ten courses!