Week #2 of 18 2023 Recap

Happy Friday, @Challengers! We’re on a roll with 124 people signed up, and 91 have completed at least one run. Welcome to all the newcomers, particularly those who haven’t previously participated in the FLRC Challenge.

Since our last recap, four people have completed all ten courses: Rebecca Lambert (pictured, repeating her first finish from 2022), Jamie Loehr (our 2021 first finisher), Caitlin Loehr (who is all over the leaderboard now), and Pete Kresock.

Impressive running for all of them, and I’ll keep calling out people who claim their medals as it happens. It might be a while before anyone else finishes, since the next few people have only five or six completions.

Other stats are starting to flow in, too, and if you’re interested, check out the Stats page to see which courses are most popular, how many miles we’ve run each week (about 800), and more.

Let’s see if we can break the 200 signups mark this year! Only 76 more to go, and I hope the addition of the Personal Challenge accommodation, an option for hiding times for the shy, and financial aid option for those who wouldn’t otherwise sign up encourages participation. I’ll be placing the first shirt order on Tuesday, so if you want to get your shirt in time to wear it on more of your Challenge runs, sign up this weekend.

Don’t miss Sunday’s group run on the Lakefront Loops 5K course. That course comes with a special option—you can submit a time for it from any other 5K race that has published results. Be sure to post a report about it in the Lakefront Loops Star Posts thread.

A few quick notes:

  • The rules say that you can start anywhere on a course and run it in any direction you want—that’s why the Challenge motto is “Cover The Ground”—so feel free to mix it up. You’ll have to record your time manually in Webscorer if that’s the case.

  • I’ve already polished the RunGo directions for Ellis Hollow Creek Crossings, Lime Hollow, and Six Mile Creek, and I’ll be doing Lakefront Loops on Sunday. Thanks to Jamie Loehr and Pete Kresock and Heather Cobb for additional RunGo suggestions. Remember that RunGo’s directions rely on the GPS chip in your phone or Apple Watch, so they can be off if it’s having trouble finding your location. But there are still text instructions available.

  • I’ve added information about nearby bathrooms to all the course pages, but if you find any others, let me know, and I’ll add them.

  • To get credit for star posts, your name on the forum has to match the name you used when signing up for the Challenge in Webscorer. You can change the forum name on your Account page; contact me if you need the Webscorer name changed.

Photo of the week goes to Heather Cobb, who took time out of her Ludlowville Loop run to make friends with the locals.

See you Sunday morning behind the Cass Park rink.


Hi Adam -so to order a challenge shirt there’s a way of going back into challenge registration again and just ordering a shirt without registering (again)? Thanks!

Sorry for not replying sooner, @ruth-sproul—juggling lots of cats this weekend (not literally).

I don’t think there’s any way to update a registration in Webscorer to purchase a shirt. What I’ll do for folks who want one after having already registered is spin up a Square ordering page. I don’t have time to do that before placing the order next week, but I’ll make sure to add a shirt for you to the first order and then we’ll work out the purchase later.

(In fact, I’ll probably order some extra shirts in the first order in general, so the first few people who place later orders can get a shirt immediately rather than waiting for the second order.)