2024 FLRC Challenge Completions

@Challengers One thing I love about the Challenge is how it changes every year. In 2021, Jamie Loehr was our first finisher, though it took several weeks due to courses opening in February and continuing to do so through April. In 2022, Rebecca Lambert was our dark horse first finisher, coming out of nowhere to finish in 10 days. For 2023, Jamie worked hard to reclaim his 2021 crown, but Rebecca doubled down on several days to finish in just 7 days and finish first again. I joked last year that someone would have to go for the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge to beat Rebecca.

Of course, that’s what happened with Pete Kresock starting at 12:04 AM and finishing his last course at 3:32 PM. It’s a fantastic feat that will be hard to beat for future Ultra Challenge competitors!

But if you check the Completions page, you’ll find another entry. Congratulations to Amalia Skilton, who has now completed her fourth FLRC Challenge in a row. As many of you know, Amalia is moving to Edinburgh, Scotland, next week, and while she hopes to be back in July to collect some more Challenge miles on runs with friends, she applied for and was granted a Personal Challenge exemption to the rule about running courses before the start date.

She has been ticking them off, one by one, and contributing corrections and suggestions to the RunGo directions throughout, and her last run on the Lindsay-Parsons course this morning made for her final run. I don’t have the FLRC Challenge medals yet, but I’ll definitely be saving one for Amalia.


@Challengers Congratulations to Jason Jenks, our third finisher of the FLRC Challenge, and the first person to cross the line without doing the Ultra Challenge or having a Personal Challenge head start.

Jason has been piling the miles on this year, and he claimed his finisher’s medal in style by running both long trail courses today, starting with the Hammond Hill Hoctathon in the morning and finishing with the Treman Trailipop this afternoon. Impressive!


And, she’s done! We knew it wouldn’t take our 2022 and 2023 first finisher long, @Challengers, and although Rebecca Lambert was sidetracked briefly by an ill-timed case of COVID, she has now completed her FLRC Challenge. Congratulations, Rebecca!


@Challengers Congrats to Dirk Swart, our fifth finisher of the FLRC Challenge, and the first newcomer to claim his medal this year.

After testing things out on the shorter courses early on, Dirk focused hard in the last week, knocking off the five longest courses and Sweet 1600.

And I’ll note that Dirk is the first of the @Fabulous-50s to finish, bringing that team into second place behind the @Fantastic-40s, which has two finishers so far.


@Challengers I think it’s only appropriate to congratulate :running_woman: Melissa Plank :selfie: on finishing with lots of emoji! :smiley: :boom: :100: She gets big points for the fortitude necessary to knock off a course every couple of days, finishing with the big (and well-documented) effort today on Treman Trailipop. Nice running, Melissa!


@Challengers I was at a conference without my usual monitoring software running, so I missed Tatyana Brown’s most excellent completion of the FLRC Challenge on May 14. Whereas most people so far were laser-focused on getting their ten courses in, Tatyana logged 15 runs (three Sweet 1600s, two Duck Trails, and two Lakefront Loops) en route to finishing off her Challenge with a Freeville Fly-In. And that’s with making the drive from Elmira to log the courses. Congratulations, Tatyana!

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