Pete Kresock has completed the 2024 FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge on the first day!

@Challengers, we have our first FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge finisher for 2024, Pete Kresock! With two Ultra Challenge finishes in 2021, one in 2022, twice in 2023, and now one in 2024, Pete is the undisputed Ultra Challenge champion of all time.

I had an inkling Pete was going to try a Day 1 Ultra Challenge completion when he asked yesterday exactly when the Challenge started, so I wasn’t surprised to see that he started his first course at 12:04 AM, just 3 minutes after the virtual starting bell. For that course, he knocked out the trails of the Hammond Hill Hoctathon, before driving over to Brooktondale for Valley Views, out to Danby for Lindsay-Parsons, and back into Ithaca for Treman Trailipop and Lakefront Loops. Then he cruised past the early birds at Duck Trails before joining the big group of Challengers for 10-minute miles on FH Fox. I’m guessing he was able to get on the Cornell track for his Sweet 1600 before going on to the long road courses of Freeville Fly-In and Run Rabbit Run.

Pete’s running time was just 11:37:53, 43 minutes faster than his Ultra Challenge PR last year, and his elapsed time was just 15:28:38, 44 minutes faster than last year. I guess this year’s courses are easier than ever, although I think they’ll still prove a challenge for the rest of us. :man_shrugging:

I’m looking forward to Pete’s race report after he catches up on his sleep. Although cool for standing around, the weather seems like it was probably just about perfect for a day of running.


Thanks Adam! I actually wanted to do this in 2022 and then in 2023 but couldn’t make it work.

Not necessarily true. Today was by far the best running weather I’ve had yet for the Ultra. Usually I do it in July when it’s like 90 and humid by late morning. Or in one case snow and slush on the trails and sunset at 4:30.

The improvement in elapsed time is because I didn’t have to take any breaks for dad duties. As for the cumulative, I had no idea what it was until now.

I’ll write something in detail when I can. Thanks again to all who cheered me on in person and/or online. I hope some of you tackle the Ultra Challenge yourself!


PS the link to the 2023 results is null, but I actually did it twice last year too.

Congrats, Pete!!

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Oops! Moving too quickly with manual URL copying and editing—fixed now.

We’ll just have to wait for another repeat Ultra Challenge finisher to attempt it so we can compare. Who’s next? Perhaps @stephen-jesch @dennis-s @heathercobb3 @FARVets @Jami_Landry @aaronking32 @Jesse_Canfield @DamianClemons @bobtalda?


Way to go Pete, your a legend :call_me_hand:


What to show off @Petorius. And I thought we were getting off to a good start getting three challenge courses in on the first day. In all Seriousness congratulations. It was a great day for a long day of running. And I am glad someone is already out there planning ultras out for it so that hopefully by the time I try to do one people have the best logistics to hopefully share with me.


I noted on the Ultra Challenge page it lists 12:20:06 for my cumulative time. FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge - Finger Lakes Runners Club I think that was mistakenly copied from my time last year.

Also, I think it would neat to have the results from previous Ultra Challenge finishes listed at the above link, or to link to them from that page. It might get more people interested in attempting it.


Oops! Yeah, must have just failed to update that when I duplicated the table.

I’ll look at putting the other years on the page, perhaps at the bottom.

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