Treman Trailipop Star Posts


I inadvertently saved the hardest (imo) for last :sweat_smile:
Came across a few other challengers but didn’t get names but HI AGAIN!!!
This course was without a doubt the most beautiful and stunning and…EVIL course so far.
I hiked it, and I always say I’ll go back and run them again, but I throw my hands up in surrender at this one :rofl::raised_hands: this is beyond my novice trail running skills, level expert needed :grin:
But I will be back.
So, I found this course to be the most beautiful this year. The Lick Brook section was new to me, and I was completely caught off guard by the waterfall :sweat_smile: no idea it was there.

So first mile in I was ready to forgive Adam for the stairs in FH Fox… when this uphill started :flushed:

And continued…and continued…
And then!

And again !

:rofl: In all honesty I knew this was coming, I’m very familiar with the treman lake trails, just thought it was funny.
Had to take pictures of what I lovingly call Helms deep

Beware the orcs!
This course is not for the faint of heart, or those afraid of heights

There are a couple sections that have a narrow trail with cliffs on each side. :grimacing: Be careful runners
Also the down trees across the trail were tricky just hiking :hiking_boot:

Also imminent danger from this one :beaver: no idea who put the glasses on it :woman_shrugging:
Anywho I absolutely loved this one.

But also very glad when it was over as I also did 4- Sweet1600 efforts this morning too :sweat_smile::running_woman: