2023 FLRC Challenge Completions

@Challengers Congrats to Melanie Smee for hiking her tenth course to complete the Challenge despite a hip injury. While it sucks not to be able to run, it’s great that Melanie got out there with friends anyway.


Yay Mel!

Hello Adam,
My daughter Elizabeth Brown has finished her 8th course last weekend. So her personal challenge has ended.


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@Challengers We have our second Personal Challenge completion—congratulations to 12-year-old Elizabeth Brown for finishing off eight courses this summer!


I’ve been busy organizing Trackapalooza, @Challengers, which is my excuse for not getting around to congratulating Bill Begeal and Elizabeth Rechtin, who claimed their medals by running the Dryden Lake Lollipop course on Saturday. They’ve run most of their courses together and despite finishing, have continued on to an additional effort on Six Mile Creek already.

Plus, since they’re both on the @Fabulous-50s, finishing their courses helped the team score significantly. The @Fabulous-50s are still 16 points back from the @Fantastic-40s, but that’s a huge improvement from the 24-point gap last Friday. Time for the team competition to start heating up!

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@Challengers We have two completions (so far) this weekend. First up—congratulations to 11-year-old Erin Pietras, who completed her eight-course Personal Challenge by hiking the muddy Blueberry Patch course with Kuwanna Dyer-Pietras for her final course.

And congratulations as well to Ana Riley, who saved the shortest for last and knocked out a quick Sweet 1600 for her tenth and final course after completing the Ludlowville Loop during last weekend’s group run.


The pace is picking up, @Challengers — congrats to Mary Howard, who got up early to run Dryden Lake Lollipop this morning and finish off her Challenge.


@Challengers Two more one-and-done completions today! Congrats to Steve Ryan, officially our oldest finisher at 72, for covering the ground despite injuries that prevented him from running as he’d like. He finished off with a muddy Blueberry Patch this morning with FLRC stalwart Bob Congdon for company.

A few hours later, Jessica Smith finished Ludlowville Loop to complete her tenth course and claim her medal—great work!


And one more catchup completion, @Challengers—congratulations to Stephanie Mulinos, who actually finished on Sunday with a Dryden Lake Lollipop, but who didn’t show up until we worked out that she had two courses that hadn’t posted successfully in Webscorer. Remember, if you think you’re done but aren’t showing up on the Completions page, check your Activity Log (click your name anywhere on the leaderboard and then click Activity Log) and then use the instructions on the Timing page to repost.


Now that’s what I like to see, @Challengers: five completions today! Congrats to:

  • Jean-Luc Jannink, whose Blueberry Patch finishing run moves him into second place in Most Points for men and third place in Age Grade!

  • Beth Osborne (one of the people behind the Ithaca Tri Club too), who finished by outrunning the deer flies at Lime Hollow

  • Paula Kilts, who walked a Sweet 1600 to finish up after ticking off Dryden Lake Lollipop on Wednesday

  • Jesse Koenecke, who ran a muddy Blueberry Patch after a stint timing at Tortoise & Hare this morning

  • Stephen Jesch, who ran an afternoon Sweet 1600 after two morning Ellis Hollow Creek Crossings

We’re up to 43 now and I have 100 medals coming. Will I need to juggle at the end? :slight_smile:

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Sunday saw two more completions, @Challengers. Congrats to Matthew Plank, who hiked the muddy Blueberry Patch course with Melissa Plank for his one-and-done finish, and to Ryan Vooris, who took advantage of the cooler weather to run the Dryden Lake Lollipop on a gorgeous afternoon.


The completions continue to roll in, @Challengers, with three people taking advantage of the glorious weather this week so far. Congrats to Brenda Osovski, finishing her first Challenge with Blueberry Patch on Monday, Bob Talda, who ran Blueberry Patch on Tuesday for his tenth course, and Molly Doruska, who did her Blueberry Patch back in May before a research trip to Senegal and finished off her remaining courses in the last two weeks, culminating with Dryden Lake Lollipop this morning.

11 days left! And 45 people have one, two, or three courses remaining, so those completions should start to come fast and furious.

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Five more completions since my last check-in, @Challengers! Congratulations to:

  • Andy Klepack, whose speedy times moved him into second place for Most Points for men. He closed out his first FLRC Challenge with a 5:52 Sweet 1600.

  • Andrea Kiely, one of our Tuesday night workout regulars, knocked off both the Sweet 1600 and Lakefront Loops 5K yesterday to claim her first FLRC Challenge medal.

  • Tonya Engst, who continues her recovery from 18 months of inactivity and back surgery in 2021 with her second FLRC Challenge completion, a Dryden Lake Lollipop effort with Sarah Ridenour.

  • Sarah Von Schrader, who ran an easy Ellis Hollow Creek Crossings course this morning for her tenth course and first FLRC Challenge completion.

  • Dan Verderosa, who took a break from Ellis Hollow Creek Crossings, which he’s done five times, to run Lime Hollow and a Sweet 1600 this morning, claiming his second FLRC Challenge medal.

10 days left! Keep those completions coming!

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Two more completions today, @Challengers. Congrats first to Michelle Woods, who had to run the three longest courses on her own after doing the shorter ones with her 7-year-old son, Simon. She finished up with a Dryden Lake Lollipop this morning. And particular props to Sarah Giesy, who has been pretty much confined to the Sweet 1600 since June due to injury. She presumably hiked Dryden Lake Lollipop as well, probably seeing Michelle en route. It’s always tough to be prevented from running partway through the Challenge. I had to hike my long courses the last two years, and I can’t even do that this year due to injuries, so I know how it feels.

9 days left!

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More completions so far this weekend, @Challengers, bringing us to 61 total! Congrats to:

  • Michelle Dardia
  • James Dean
  • David Cutter
  • Bill Thibault
  • Diana Hackett
  • Joesene Soto

7 days left!

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@Challengers Yesterday brought four more completions from people who either avoided or braved the storms. Congrats to:

  • Mike Allinger
  • Courtney Pure
  • Tatyana Brown
  • Sarah Ridenour

That brings us to 65 finishers total—keep 'em coming!

6 days left!


And they keep rolling in, @Challengers! Despite the rain yesterday, three more people finished, and two more this morning, bringing us to 70 total. Congrats to:

  • Anne Shakespeare (who ran nearly every effort with Ruth Sproul)
  • Gretchen Gilbert (who knocked off the longest courses in the last week)
  • Banyan Love (our youngest full finisher at 17 and possibly the only teen who will complete this year)
  • Julie Cooper (finishing her first Challenge with her first ever 1600m on a track)
  • Keith Eggleston (completing his first Challenge after injuries derailed two previous attempts)

5 days left, counting the rest of today!


Congrats @ks_eggs! Sorry I didn’t realize it was you I passed on the road around Dryden Lake. (I was running the lollipop loop clockwise for once.)

Nice to see a familiar face on the course. I didn’t realize you were in the midst of an Ultra Challenge. Congrats on that achievement.

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@Challengers Congratulations to two more finishers from yesterday, Kyle Reynolds and Debby Reynolds. Initially, Debby had thought she wouldn’t be able to do the longest two courses and had discussed a Personal Challenge, but in the last week, she buckled down and hiked those two and five others to claim her medal with a full Challenge.

Thanks also to Steve Desmond for a quick tweak to the Completions page so it now lists our Personal Challenge finishers.

Four days left!