2023 PGXC season: captains and dates

Good day, @pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon! This message is just to let you know that Adam and I are thinking about the PGXC cross-country racing series this fall—and we’re sure some of you are as well! Here are three key things to know about the fall season.

Captains: First, at the post-season party last fall, we decided on team captains for each age group. Adam and I will continue to coordinate the teams overall, but we look forward to assistance from our able captains for 2023, who are (with their forum handles):

Our team captains will be recruiting new runners for the team (but we should all help with that!). Once the season starts, they will be encouraging runners to sign up for each race. At the races, the captains will welcome newcomers and make sure they integrate into the team during the warmups and cooldowns and general hangout time. In other words, being a captain is mostly about getting more friends to run. :slight_smile:

Schedule: Second, for anyone who missed the recent email from PGXC, here are the dates for this fall’s races:

  • Sunday, September 17, 2023: 5K at Bassett Park in Williamsville (Buffalo)
  • Sunday, October 1, 2023: 6K at Cato-Meridian High School (north of Auburn)
  • Sunday, October 22, 2023: 6K at TC3 in Dryden (our home race—don’t miss this one!)
  • Sunday, November 5, 2023: 8K FLCC Finger Lakes Community College (Canandaigua)
  • Sunday, November 12, 2023: 8K at Center Park, Fairport (this side of Rochester)

Weekly workouts: Third, we will be restarting Tuesday night cross-country training workouts in the Cornell Botanic Gardens later this summer. Stay tuned for details.

Finally, if you have questions, please ask your captain (or one of us). To sign up, check the PGXC Cross-Country Teams webpage on the FLRC site: look under the JOIN heading for details on how to register for the PGXC series and join the FLRC/High Noon teams—you need to do both.

See you on the run, –Tonya & Adam

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Thanks for getting us thinking about the upcoming XC season Tanya and Adam! I have a small correction to offer: the HN Super/Ultra Vets will be co-captained by myself and Carl Franck (@cfranck ).

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And we all agreed I’m also supposed to be released from prison, just saying

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To be precise, it’s a work release program.