2023 Winter Chill 5K series starts Saturday, January 7th—register today!

It’s time for the low-key Winter Chill series 5Ks down at Cass Park. Join us on Saturday, January 7th at 11 AM behind the skating rink. The color for our first week is blue, so unless you want to stick out (which is fine too!), try to wear blue clothing as your outer layer. (The color of your inner layers is between you and your laundry basket.)

Entry is free but you must be an FLRC club member. If you’re new to the club or your membership has lapsed during the pandemic, join or renew online today, since there won’t be an option to sign up at the race. (It’s cold, and no one wants to handle paper!) Once that’s set, register for the series—you’ll be signed up for all four races and will use the same bib number for all of them, but you can skip any individual race that doesn’t fit your schedule.

On the last screen of the registration, note that you can purchase a highly attractive Winter Chill long-sleeved T-shirt with your favorite bird on the front, along with knit and fleece FLRC hats that help you fly the FLRC flag while keeping your ears warm. There’s also an FLRC Challenge buff available (not shown).

See you Saturday!