2024 FLRC Challenge 100k planning

I am just putting this out there now so I feel committed and have to train now. I am planning to attempt the Challenge 100k this year. I would love to start a chat with others who are planning to do it as well and get thoughts on logistics and best ways to approach the courses etc once they are announced. It has been a few years since I have run an ultra at this point and I am excited to get back after it even if I don’t run an official ultra race. But I am planning to take on the FLRC Marathon distance events this year as well. Let start talking about the 100k challenge. I would love to hear what worked best and worst for those who have done it in the past. Thanks.

If you are looking for some company during a portion of your attempt, give me a heads up, and so long as I am available I would be happy to join you for a few courses.


Awesome. I will keep that in mind. Thanks.

My big race for the year is July 20th. And I am contemplating doing the Tough Trail Challenge after that and then taking on the 100k if I feel like I have room in my schedule to do both, but I really want to do the 100k. I need to think about what order to run them in.

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