2024 FLRC Joseph P. Reynolds Scholarship Awards

FLRC announces the 2024 Joseph P. Reynolds FLRC Scholarship awards to the following individuals.

Banyan Love is homeschooled by his mom in Newfield, NY. He submitted a beautifully written essay comprising a story of who he is today and how he forged a passion for running at the age of twelve. Homeschooling allowed him to explore the natural world around him. He describes himself as “a freshly classified legal adult chasing my dreams of exploring, researching, and conserving the natural world around me.” He plans to pursue a degree in forestry and environmental sciences at Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondacks.

Banyan tells of the relationship he has formed with the Finger Lakes Runners Club by participating in group runs. “I immersed myself in a community of people all driven by the same passion that had brought me to them.” For the past three years, Banyan represented FLRC on the club’s U19 XC team at the Pete Glavin XC series, eventually acting as team captain. Along with running numerous FLRC races, he regularly volunteers, helping with setup, timing, and breakdown, and he has been an active participant in the FLRC Challenge. He believes, “The sport of running can only thrive as long as this world remains healthy, so my way to give back to the sport that has shaped who I am today is by dedicating my life to the task of conserving the natural world around us.”

Banyan’s homeschooling chemistry teacher provided a letter of recommendation. She writes, “In summary, Banyan represents the values of ‘equality, diversity, and the benefits of a good run’ espoused by Coach Joe Reynolds. Through his years-long participation with FLRC, he has emerged as an excellent athlete with a promising post-high school running trajectory. Banyan truly exemplifies FLRC’s core values of sportsmanship, inclusivity, enthusiasm, and a genuine love of the sport.”

Banyan Love finishing his first trail marathon at Thom B.

Crosby Woods is a graduating senior at Ithaca High School who excelled on the school’s cross-country and track teams. His essay described his holistic approach to running, viewing the tireless efforts during training and the experience gained along the way as deserving as much credit as the outcome of a race. He places “emphasis on the process instead of the outcome” and believes “this method of thinking makes running much more enjoyable overall.” Crosby’s appreciation for running and trails also extends to an online setting. He designed and maintains the Trails Less Traveled website that “advertises the lesser-known trails in Central New York since 2022. The website includes runner-friendly trails from seven different counties.”

When describing Crosby, his coach states, “What I’ve come to not only know but to rely on is solid character, hard work, prudent judgment, leadership, and devotion.” Crosby runs and volunteers at FLRC races and track meets, and he has been an enthusiastic participant in the FLRC Challenge. He’s also an avid violinist and earned a New York State Seal of Biliteracy for German. Crosby intends to take a gap semester and attend Middlebury College starting in February 2025.

Crosby Woods volunteering at Thom B.

The Joseph P. Reynolds Scholarship Fund provides at least two unrestricted $1,000 scholarships to deserving high school seniors who plan to continue their education and have participated in their running community during their high school experience. Coach Joe believed the scholarship fund had value and would provide a legacy by supporting youth running. He was a strong advocate of all types of running for all types of people. He believed in equality, diversity, and the benefits of a good run.

Joe Reynolds