2x 6min EHRW miles March 9 @ 3pm

I’m planning on a couple sub-6:00 East Hill Rec Way attempts tomorrow afternoon and would love some company if anyone else is in that range – my guess is it might be a little crowded due to the nice weather, so don’t forget your face gear!

That’s exactly my pace right now, so I’m game for at least one of them—I might turn the second one into an 800m on, 400m rest, 400m on to avoid overdoing it. See you at the Game Farm end at 3 PM!

If anyone wants to join but runs faster or slower, we’ll regroup for the recoveries back up the path.

The sun and warmth felt great—first run of the year in shorts for me. @casey joined me in a 5:25 mile, with @steve-desmond a bit further back. Wow, does that downhill boost the psyche! I hesitate to think how much slower that run would have been on a track.

Nice work, everyone! I’m making myself wait until I’ve done a bit more speedwork before my first attempt. I took a very extended base phase that lasted about a year and am just dipping my toes into faster running now! It’s so much fun seeing everyone get out there!

Remember, you can only benefit from easier efforts as well (through having more efforts for yourself and your team, and from improving your average on any given course). So it might be worth getting a few easy efforts in before you attempt a harder one. :slight_smile: