5k attempt tomorrow

Is anyone interested in a 5k on the Stewart Park course tomorrow (Thursday) morning around 9:45/10am? I’d love someone who could pace me for a 21:00 - 21:30 attempt. Maybe my race effort could be part of your tempo run?

I don’t know if you found company, Liz, but a 20:50 is a heck of a nice effort, and not far behind @jullfly!

For anyone who’s looking for company at a particular pace, consider checking out the All Fastest screen for a specific course and seeing who can run that pace or faster and then asking them here. Just type an @ sign and then the start of their name and Discourse should come up with their handle.


On the Waterfront Trail, @jullfly and @Petorius might have been good to invite. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Adam! @Ian offered to pace me and he was so great. I would have never gotten under 21 without him! I did ask a few speedy ladies including Jullien and @ChelseaB but the timing didn’t work out for today. They both offered to help out for a future effort though. I love our running community!!

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Boy, @Ian, gotta register so you can collect the effort too!

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Congrats on an awesome run! :slight_smile:

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It was nice to assist and get in a few consistent miles with a continued workout after. I’ll stay under the radar for the moment and that workout. Or maybe be a pacer for hire! Was a beautiful morning to be out there.

Great job again Liz, solid effort.

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I’ll let people on the @Fantastic-40s work on you—their team really needs your help. :slight_smile:


Unsure I’m going to define the 40’s as “Fantastic” comparatively speaking with regards to running!