Acceptable FLRC use of the Barton track

You probably know that one of the benefits of being an FLRC member is that you can run on the Barton track during the winter months. Just sign in and list your affiliation as FLRC at the front desk when you arrive. We really appreciate Cornell allowing us this access (it’s not the case at many other universities), but to maintain this privilege, we need to respect Cornell’s need to use the track.

In particular, I’ve just fielded some complaints from the track coaches about FLRC members running on the track as early as 5:30 PM before our Tuesday night workouts. This is a serious problem—if we aren’t low-impact guests in Barton, Cornell could make us start our workouts later or even rescind our track access entirely.

The rule is simple. Do not run on the track when it’s in use by the track team on weekdays from 3 PM to 7 PM. Plus, don’t use the track if any other group has it reserved and is using it. You can check if it might be in use from the Barton calendar, but use common sense when you arrive. If there is obviously a scheduled group using the track, do your workout elsewhere. Or if there’s something on the schedule, but no one is actually present, go ahead and run, but be willing to stop if a group arrives.