Andrew Cuomo to get back into running to combat cabin fever

My opinion of Andrew Cuomo just went up a little more. Watch this video where he lays out his training plan. :slight_smile:


@adamengst, Let’s send him a pair of FLRC socks!

Ooo, that’s a good idea, though we’d have to get @mickiejauquet or @gary to do it, since I don’t have any FLRC socks here. Maybe someone can figure out the best address or approach.

Similarly, over on the High Noon list, we’re trying to figure out how to send Dr. Anthony Fauci a High Noon jersey because he’s also a runner and has a Cornell (Weill Medical) connection. Needless to say, he’s insulated behind layers of staff now, and even has to have a security detail, so sending a little present isn’t as easy as it sounds like it should be.