Announcing the Danby Down & Dirty Virtual Trail Run

I’m organizing the Danby Down & Dirty Trail Runs as a low-key virtual race this year, with no formal affiliation with FLRC. A course description, directions, and so on can be found here, but in brief:

  • Run the 10k and/or 20k course between Saturday, Sept 26 and Sunday, Oct 4.
  • Record your time and submit your information using this Google Form. I’ll publish results at the conclusion of the race.
  • I’ve marked the start, finish, turns, and intersections with spray chalk. 10k runners follow yellow the whole way. 20k runners follow yellow for Loop 1 and red for Loop 2.
  • NEW: If you’re unsure of the course, download the RunGo app, create a free account, and search for “Danby”. You can run with your phone giving you audible cues on when and where to turn, use it to record your run, get directions to the starting line, and follow the route using the on-screen map. It’s GPS-based, so lack of cell service in the forest doesn’t matter. You can also use the Web version of RunGo to download the courses’ .gpx files to use with your watch and/or print turn-by-turn course directions. View the 20k course here and the 10k course here.
  • There are no prizes or swag; just sore quads the next day.

Be aware that hunting season starts October 1, so consider wearing bright colors. And unlike race day, there are no porta-potties, Wilderness Search and Rescue, or on-course support of any kind. You’re on your own!

Any questions, let me know.

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Thanks for organizing this, @Petorius!

For anyone who does use the RunGo app, please let us know how it works. It’s like Google Maps turn-by-turn spoken directions for trail running.

I think Boris is the only one qualified to fully test the RunGo App. If he arrives at the finish…it works.

Whoa, that’s a high bar to set.

I’ve marked the course sparsely with spray chalk and updated the above post to reflect it. The trails this week are dryer than they’ve ever been on race day, making them prime for fast running on a slow course.

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Today’s the last day to run the course and submit your time at Results Submission Form: Danby Down & Dirty Virtual Run 2020 if you want to be included. I’ll publish the results in the next few days. Too bad the in-person running didn’t happen yesterday as scheduled—the trails are uncharacteristically dry for this time of year.

The weather for running the course yesterday would have been fantastic for an in-person race! @hubitron and @Dave_K and Sean Nicholson and I ran it and had a fabulous time and even got to see the view from the Pinnacles, something that normally never happens in the race BECAUSE IT’S A RACE, NOT A SIGHTSEEING TOUR! :slight_smile: We saw two women out running the Abbott Loop as well, and there was also a hiking group from Syracuse University that had made the drive down in a bus.

I used the RunGo app on my Apple Watch and it worked like a charm, speaking up before every questionable turn. We knew the course from numerous runnings, so it mostly providing helpful reminders of where to turn and particularly how to cross the roads, since the trail doesn’t always go straight across.The only place we had trouble was in the trails a mile or so in after we left Michigan Hollow Road at the start, when the fallen leaves made it nearly impossible to tell where the trail was in a twisty-turny spot. After a few seconds of confusion, we found a blaze and were able to pick up the trail again. RunGo wouldn’t have helped there since it was merely an issue of not being able to see the trail, rather than not knowing where to turn.

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As promised, here’s the results. 23 finishers over the two distances. The trails were so dry on October 3 it would have made running much easier if the race was held as usual. If you ran and forgot to submit your info, you can still do it using the Google form or by replying here.