Annual Meeting Thank You!

I want to send out a huge “THANK YOU” to everyone that attended yesterday’s annual meeting at Agava. Special on my list are Emily Funk, Adam Engst, Charlie Trautmann for all their help organizing the event. Emily, Adam, Mickie Sanders-Jauquet, Steve Shaum, and Mike Allinger for their presentations. A special thanks to our special guests Karen Ingall, Ellie Pell, Chelsea Benson & Bailey Drewes. Also, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help from the Agava staff, Katy, Paula, Diedra, Emma, and of course Gregor!

Congratulations to all the award recipients. And again,…THANK YOU!


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And thank you for taking the lead on coordinating the event, Gary!

For those who were there, what did you think of the food and the presentations? Any suggestions for future events?

  1. Food was abundant and excellent!! Far better than Americanized Italian. Staff were super friendly also.

  2. The presentations were great. Karen presented some good ideas with a personal touch and of course we were all star-struck with “our” Olympians. They answered the questions with a lot of insight for the rest of us.

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Thanks again @gary and @ef347 for your organization efforts! I had a good time catching up with people, and I always love Agava’s food.

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