Anyone else get caught in the micro-blizzard today?

The Weather Jester™ strikes again!

I had to take the car into Varna Auto for service this morning, and since it’s only 3 miles away, I usually run home after dropping it off. When I got up, it was sunny, but there was a weather alert for a band of intense snow coming. With the sort of guy bravado that long ago resulted in the founding of the Darwin Awards, I decided that I would surely be able to drive a couple of miles and run home before it hit. (Cue rolling of the eyes from the more sensible women in the audience.)

When I pulled out of the driveway onto Hickory Road, there were a couple of flurries, but the road was bare. By the time I’d gotten to the Skunk 9-mile mark on Ellis Hollow Creek Road two minutes later, snow was swirling across the road. At the turn onto Turkey Hill half a mile after that, cars were starting to turn their lights on, and by the time I’d passed Stevenson Road, it was full white-out conditions, with everyone turning their flashers on. Ah, spring in Saskatoon!

That continued for the remaining mile or so into Varna Auto, where I left the car, pulled up my FLRC Challenge buff over my nose as the wind whipped snowflakes into my face, and headed up through the trailer park to connect over to the Dryden Rail Trail where it hits Stevenson. I was running slowly since I could barely see the road — the trailer park’s speed bumps were continually surprising — but all went well until the last turn, when there was a sheet of ice under the half-inch of snow and I went down instantly. Ouch!

Once out on Stevenson, the snow and wind let up a little, and in the distance, I could see another runner coming toward me. Who else would be crazy enough to be out in this weather? But of course, the indomitable @Mr_Hector and founder of the Winter Chill 5K series — Joel Cisne! We exchanged excited pleasantries about the gloriousness of the weather, and I continued on up Stevenson, down Turkey Hill, and back Ellis Hollow Creek. Luckily, there was no more ice lurking under the snow, but at one of the ponds alongside the road, I got honked at by some geese who had been grounded by goose traffic control.

By the time I’d finished the 3.1 miles at 9-minute pace, the snow had stopped completely and the sun was back out. Of course. Apart from bruising my knee, a truly fabulous run. Did anyone else get caught in it, or even better, venture out intentionally? @gplwoo and Sam, perhaps?

Oh, and the reason I was taking the car in? To get the snow tires off, of course! :snowman_with_snow:


Yep, I caught too. I started running when it was just flurries, then it was white out conditions, and then by the time I finished, the storm was practically over. I ran into Varna and back, so I wasn’t too far from you! Luckily no falls on my end.


Yep I got caught in it too though I was just walking to work. still was not fun…


Guilty! I started out a little earlier than you did, Adam, thinking we might beat the worst of the wind and snow… no such luck! By the time we hit the East Hill Rec way from Honness I could barely see oncoming pedestrians and traffic. Sam of course wanted to stop at every single bush and moseyed along like he was built for this weather (which he is!) - at least someone is happy about second winter!!


Yep, 5-mile run and got hit circling around the High School with horizontal snow and then white-out conditions heading back into the City.