Anyone interested in getting together to run the cross country course at TC3 ahead of our home meet?

I’m hoping to run the cross country course at TC3 before the October 31 race. Anyone interested in joining either the Sunday morning or Saturday or Sunday next weekend?


@esambo may be helping @CharlieF mark the course beforehand, so perhaps he’s game for a run-through. We might also try to organize one for the evening of Friday the 28th.

Hi Jesse. The women’s team were planning on running it next weekend. Our plans are just coming together. Our first step was to get the map from Charlie.

To see the course map, Look in the PGXC category on the forum. Load the forum website and look near the upper left for a menu. You can open to see the categories. You may need to scroll down a little to find PGXC. Charlie did post there already.

Yes, I did get the map link. Thanks.

I’d be up for joining you. I don’t think this weekend would work out but next weekend probably could.

Hey @pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon, for anyone who didn’t already see it, @julie19 is organizing a run of the course this Sunday. PGXC Race #4 Course Run Sunday 10/23 Thanks Julie!

Here’s the latest on course preparations: The TC3 grounds crew expects to finish mowing the course this Friday and have everything ready by next Tuesday afternoon, 10/25. They are aware of several deep holes (groundhogs?) that represent a hazard to runners and will be filling those in. I am not sure when the holes will be filled so be careful on Sunday. The full course will be flagged & coned next week in advance of our race on 10/30. It’s a somewhat complicated course so running it before it’s flagged may mean you’ll be uncertain which side of a clump of trees or bushes to run. Not to worry! If you generally follow the course map you’ll be close enough.