After reading through the club responses to member feedback, it struck me a bit deeper how much work is carried out by the club board and volunteers so I wanted to say thank you and how great it’s been participating in these last few months. Looking forward to being more involved this year!

Thanks to @adamengst @kcmccormick8, Heather Cobb, Tonya Engst and so many others I’m not even aware of yet who make this all work so beautifully. (Just learned I can only tag two people in a post ha)


Thanks so much for the kind words, @EthanBodnaruk! FLRC really is the work of a lot of people, though I think many of us enjoy it too much to consider it work in the classic sense. (Coaching the workouts is basically an excuse to hang out with a lot of friends and meet new people every week.) And hopefully that enjoyment encourages others like you to become more involved as well.

PS: You can only tag two people because you’re still at the “new user” trust level in Discourse. If you look at your profile page, it shows your stats. As Discourse explains, you move up to the next trust level by:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
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In essence, Discourse is making sure you’re a real person and not some bot or spammer trying to abuse the system. And yes, we do get them—Discourse tries to identify such posts so Heather or I can delete them rather than showing them to everyone here.