Article about Michelle Rohl's new W55 American record in Runners World

Alas, it doesn’t mention that she broke the W55 American record for the indoor mile at the Hartshorne Masters Mile, but it’s still nice to see her getting attention for her accomplishment.

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Cool to see this article circulating in social media among many of my non-runner friends. And to have witnessed the race and see Michelle training often at Barton. The only sad part is they don’t actually give the name of the meet!

Ah, sorry Adam, I did a quick glance for a post on general, but didn’t see it. My FLRC forum skills are lacking. But better safe and double post than not get it on here haha!

No worries! There are few enough articles about local-adjacent runners that none of us would think that they weren’t first to notice (though, to give credit where credit is due, @ChelseaB told me about it). :slight_smile:

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