Average runs set?

Are the number of runs on a course to calculate your average afford set? I set next my mini challenge to be to complete all the courses enough times to receive an average on each course.

Like so many other things in the Challenge, the calculation of average runs is complex to make sure it’s as fair and inclusive as possible. :slight_smile:

From the rules:

Per-Course Best Average Time Competition: This competition has two caveats:

  • To compete at all, runners must complete at least the average number of efforts that someone has completed the course. Otherwise, the fastest runner could run the course only once and have the fastest time as the best average time, which isn’t fair. For instance, imagine a course where 4 people have run three times, 5 people have run twice, and 6 people have run once. That’s 28 total runs divided by 15 runners, making the average number of runs 1.9. Thus only people who have completed at least 2 efforts can compete.

  • A runner’s “best average time” is calculated using the course-run-average number of their top efforts. In the example above, since the average number of efforts for the course is 1.9, only the top 2 efforts for each runner will be used to calculate the best average time. This rule ensures that there’s no penalty for running slowly on a course—a slow effort beyond the average number of efforts will not bring down a runner’s average time.

You can see the number of runs required for the Best Average competition at the top of each course page when Best Average is selected. And it’s different for men and women because there are prizes for both on each course. For instance, here’s what it looks like for Sweet 1600 for women.

Thank you for the clarification. I didn’t realize the average number of runs was calculated by sex. Ah, so that is why the average number of runs (both sexes) per course did not match the number of attempts I need to complete. :exploding_head:

You showed me yet another piece of data to access!