Barton Hall Calendar Question

Question on interrupting the Barton Hall calendar, if something is listed like PE volleyball for example and it’s not stated as being closed is the track still available to use?


It’s a little interpretive and you’ll need to play it by ear. If you get there and the infield is in use, for instance, but no one is on the track, it’s safest to ask Matt Bilyk at the desk (during business hours; students are there other times). And if there’s no one to ask, I’d say that you should go ahead and start running, but be sensitive if the PE teacher or someone else asks you to stop. Most of the time, if the track isn’t actively being used, it’s not a problem to run on it.

Here’s the link to the Barton Hall calendar for those who didn’t know about it. And you can always find it on the FLRC site, in the Resources menu.

The main time the track is in real use is from 3-7 PM for track practice. We shouldn’t interrupt the teams.

Just a reminder, to run in Barton, you need to either be a member of the Cornell community or an FLRC member, and regardless, you need to sign in at the desk when you arrive. Just put FLRC in the affiliation field on the sign-in sheet if you’re an FLRC member.

Thanks this is helpful!