Boston Marathon 2021 registration postponed BAA Postpones Registration for the 2021 Boston Marathon.

It’s tough—I wouldn’t open registration for a spring race right now either.

Any insight into how to aim to make a qualifying time in the next year or so? Boston qualifier events have been cancelled, too.

Runners World has an article about it, but it sounds like it’s going to be up in the air for quite some time to come.

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It’s a strange and difficult year to be running well. Then again, I might be running well because it’s a strange and difficult year!

I think that’s true for a lot of people. Running is such a great stress reliever, and helps strengthen the immune system as well, so solid training right now is basically all good.

I’m pretty sure that I would have had a harder time recovering from my plantar fasciopathy if things had been normal. It would have been very hard to maintain my extremely slow buildup if I was missing out on running with friends, coaching workouts, and running races.

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