Boston Marathon carpool?

Hey runners! I’m registered for the Boston Marathon and looking for a ride to/from the Boston area Sat 4/16-Tues 4/19 (but am somewhat flexible with dates.) Anyone in the Ithaca area heading out that way to run or spectate? I would provide gas $$, snacks, and riveting conversation! I’m also looking into public transportation options but it’s proving to be a bit of a pain. Let me know and we can chat off list! Thanks all!

Hi Amelia! I am also looking for someone to carpool with to Boston! Did you find a ride yet?

Hi Kayla! I couldn’t find a ride so I ended up getting train tickets from/to Syracuse. It’s a long travel day but I figure being on a train all day might be kinda nice. If interested I can send you my travel info off-list!