Break in at Cass Park

Just a heads up that my car was broken into while parked at Cass Park (near the Ithaca Children’s Garden and BDT head). It happened between 9-1015 am, and I don’t think it was the only vehicle targeted.
Be safe fellow runners!!

Oh no! Did they break a window? Thank you for the warning!

Yes they did.

I heard this happened within the week at the Roy Park preserve parking lot as well. Sorry to hear this happened to you.

You should report to the Ithaca Police. Not that anything can be done about your incident, but there may be a pattern they can follow up. Also maybe they increase patrols there. Lots of small tidbits (!) of data can reveal a pattern.

I reported it immediately to Ithaca Police.

I saw the post about the Hammond Hill break in as well, so I thought it best to share with my fellow runners.

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