Break in at Hammond Hill?

I heard there was a car break in at Hammond Hill this weekend. I don’t have a verified source but figured it was good to let people know anyway. Leave your valuables at home or take them with you.

This can happen at any known parking place (Roy Park 2x etc.) I have never had a problem but then again all that is in my car is cold coffee and a clean t-shirt. And who wants to steal a 2005 Subaru? (although I love the control I get with 4-wheel drive and manual transmission).

I doubt my Dodge minivan with 160,000+ miles that contains mostly dog hair is a prime target either.

Hi Julie,

It happened on Sunday Jan 3rd at Roy H Park preserve near HH. I know the owner of the car. Window smashed, her wallet was stolen. I posted it here Redirecting... which is Friends of Hammond Hill Facebook Group.

Be safe! :slight_smile:

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Oops … Jan 2nd! :thinking: