Bye bye, endorphins—the runner's high is from endocannabinoids

Today’s must-read for runners from the New York Times:

We can stop crediting endorphins, the natural opioid painkillers produced by our bodies, for the floaty euphoria we often feel during aerobic exercise, according to a nifty new study of men, women and treadmills. In the study, runners developed a gentle intoxication, known as a runner’s high, even if researchers had blocked their bodies’ ability to respond to endorphins, suggesting that those substances could not be behind the buzz. Instead, the study suggests, a different set of biochemicals resembling internally homegrown versions of cannabis, better known as marijuana, are likely to be responsible.

(And I have to admit an inordinate fondness for the phrase “a nifty new study of men, women, and treadmills.” So many places to go from those words… :slight_smile: )

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