CANCELED: Jan 9th at Ithaca College: USATF Niagara track meet and Run, Jump, Throw clinic for kids

@ChelseaB’s post about the USATF Niagara race schedule reminded me that I forgot to post yesterday about the upcoming January 9th USATF Niagara meet at Ithaca College.

If COVID conditions allow, we hope to be able to hold an FLRC track meet on January 22nd at 5 PM at Ithaca College, but there’s an opportunity to test your legs on IC’s Glazer Arena track before that.

On January 9th, the local USATF Niagara chapter is holding its Open and Masters Indoor Championships for 2022, with a full meet of track events ranging from the 60m to the 3000m, plus field events including the high jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault, shot put, and weight throw. Fees vary based on whether you’re a USATF member or not and when you enter; early registration runs through January 2nd.

Even better, USATF Niagara is putting on a Run, Jump, Throw, Walk clinic for kids ages 7-12 during the meet from 9-11 AM. This hands-on learning program introduces kids to basic running, jumping, throwing, and walking skills that are the foundation of nearly every sport, including track & field. A $25 registration includes a T-shirt and a year of USATF membership—sign up through email by December 27th to guarantee T-shirt size or January 7th for entry. See the flyer linked above for details and links.

Although this isn’t one of our meets, FLRC is affiliated as a USATF Niagara club, and I encourage everyone who’s interested in indoor track or youth running to attend.

Hi Adam! I’m interested in running the 3k at the 1/9 USATF meet but am wondering if it would be a situation where I’m getting triple lapped by elite runners and running the whole race all by myself. Do you know if they group everyone by age vs seed time and if there are likely to be more average runners like myself running in addition to elites and sub elites?

I don’t have experience with USATF Niagara’s indoor meets, but at their outdoor one in June, you would have been totally in the mix. There weren’t that many people in each race so it was just one heat each for all the distance events. I don’t know how they’d group if that was necessary, but I wouldn’t worry. There will be women who are faster than you, but there will also be older masters women who will be much slower.

Sadly, USATF Niagara just announced that this meet has been canceled.

Just to close the loop on my original mention, we won’t be having a track meet at Ithaca College on January 22nd unless something changes. I’ve now updated the FLRC website to acknowledge this sad reality.

Darn. My son really wanted to go after Jude Heffron’s under 2 age-group record in the 60m. It’s probably for the best though.

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Guess you’ll have to wait to try pulling a quick twin swap-a-roo at the 30m mark for fresh legs to the finish. We’re onto you!

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