Carpooling and crepes for PGXC #3 on October 9th at Akron Falls Park

Hello, @pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon!

We’ll be racing at Akron Falls Park (Google Maps pin) as we’ve done many times in the past, but on a new course. Because of the new course, which has some narrow spots, we will be splitting into two races, with men (including U19) starting at 11:00am and women starting at 11:40am.

The course map illustrates where you should park (same as previous years) and how to walk to the bib pickup, team tent, and start/finish area.


Here’s the carpool plan:

  • Cornell: The main carpool will leave from its traditional location in the southwest corner of the Cornell B Lot. Plan to arrive at 7:00am. We’ll sort people into cars and leave 7:15am. If you plan to join this carpool, please reply to this post on the forum and indicate whether you can drive or would prefer to be a passenger.

  • Downtown Ithaca: If you need a pickup from downtown, we may be able to arrange for a B-Lot carpool to pick you up as it goes through town. Please reply on the forum so we can coordinate.

Team Stop for a Late Lunch

The Simply Crepes restaurant that many of us have enjoyed in the past after this race does now have patio dining, so we are suggesting that as a team stop on the way home. Simply Crepes is at 101 South Main Street, Canandaigua NY 14424 (Google Maps pin).

(Adam and I are preparing for a trip, so we are trying to not catch COVID this weekend. If the Simply Crepes patio is too crowded, we won’t be joining, though we might get take-out crepes and take them to Kershaw Park at the north end of the lake - Google Maps pin)

See you at the race! —Tonya & Adam

Thanks Tonya! Since I’ll be carless on Sunday, I was hoping to hitch a ride back and forth from NE Ithaca (near Hanshaw and Warren). This might only be to get to B lot to hopefully get a seat on one of our Buffalo Expresses. Thanks for any such transportation help!, Carl (

I am being dropped off at the vet school lot so will need to ride in someone else’s car to the race.


Tonya and I are driving, of course, but because of caution surrounding our upcoming trip to Greece, we’re hoping to drive just by ourselves. If the only way things could work was if we had a passenger or two, we’d all need to N95 mask the entire time. So, @pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon, we could use some more drivers!

I have been asked by the family to try to avoid needing the car on Sunday. If possible, could someone pick me up downtown? I can meet at the usual Tomkins County Trust bank lot or anywhere else.

I’m happy to mask.


I’m assuming most everyone would be heading north up to I90 before heading west. I’ll be starting from Phelps (between Geneva & Canandaigua). If anybody is interested, I could meet at the park & ride in either Geneva, or Farmington (Canandaigua) and either carpool with another group (happy to chip in for gas) or switch over to my vehicle and drive another group from there. I can seat 4 additional people comfortably, or five if someone was in the center of the rear bench seat.

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@jtk1 @leffmath @cfranck @Brenda_Kirk - I texted with Brenda this morning and she has agreed to be a driver to the Akron Falls race tomorrow. I think this plan could work:

  1. Brenda drives to the B-Lot. Brenda - let me know if you need coordinates for that - the meeting spot is the southwest corner of this large lot.

  2. Joel picks up Carl, since it’s on Joel’s way, and Joel and Carl arrive at the B-Lot together. (Joel and Carl, please coordinate amongst yourselves on this.)

  3. Joel, Carl, and Brenda drive downtown and pick up Jesse as they go through downtown - Jesse has done this many times and can get himself to an easy spot. Jesse, please coordinate with Brenda on the pickup location!

I will send email to the four of you and share your email addresses and phone/text numbers there.

Fun fact - two of you are math teachers and one of you is involved with teaching physics.

Thank you for your flexibility and community! -Tonya (and Adam)

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Thanks Joel and Tonya!

and especially Brenda!!!

What is the address for TCTC where I’ll be picking you, Jesse up from tomorrow AM?


I goofed. It is actually Chemung Canal TC. Next to Island Fitness. 806 W Buffalo.