Carpooling and lunch stop for PGXC #1 on September 11th at Long Branch Park

Good day, @pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon!

The team stop on the way home from the race for lunch/socializing is at The Nest Tavern, which was recommended by @apacheck. It is near Tully, close to Route 81 (Google Maps directions).

Let’s get back to our usual carpooling to reduce our emissions, include people without cars, and have fun chatting as we travel to the race in Long Branch Park, in Liverpool (near Syracuse) (Google Maps directions). Here’s the plan:

  • Cornell: The main carpool will leave from its traditional location in the southwest corner of the Cornell B Lot. Plan to arrive at 8:15am. We’ll sort people into cars and leave 8:30am. We usually have people who want to drive and people who prefer to be passengers, and it all works out. Please reply to this topic if you’re planning to come to the B Lot.

  • Downtown Ithaca up to the Cornell B Lot: If you need help getting this short ride—or if you can provide one, please write back to this topic.

  • Dryden: A Cornell carpool car can pick you up from a meeting spot on Route 13. Coordinate with @adamengst or @tonya to set this up.

  • Danby: Generally, a Danby/South Hill carpool self-organizes. If you are driving or you would like a ride, please reply to this topic.

  • Cortland/Groton/Moravia: Generally a carpool from this area self-organizes. If you can provide a ride or need one, please reply to this topic.

  • Other areas: If you would like to carpool, reply to this topic and hopefully you can connect with someone.

We are looking forward to a great day! See you on Sunday!

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Tonya and I will be driving up from the B lot for sure, and can take two passengers.

I will be at B lot and will drive if necessary.


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I will be at B lot and can drive or ride.

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I’ll meet with you at B Lot. I can drive, if needed. - Gretchen

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Any other Danby folks going? I would like a ride. If no Danby group materializes, I will plan on meeting at B lot with the main group.

I’ll be at B lot and will pass through downtown if anyone needs a ride up.

Thanks Tonya for our ride organization. I’ll be at B lot to drive or hitch a ride. Sincerely, Carl

Hello all, new guy here–would love a ride from B lot, and I look forward to meeting y’all! Thanks for organizing!


I’ll be at B lot with our minivan and can drive.

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I need to head North early to detour to my brothers house. Will see you all at the race. I will have space door up to three in the way home if anyone needs a different ride back.


@patrickmilano - Looks like you should plan to meet us at the B-Lot. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there!

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I’ll be at the B lot as well.

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Not carpool related but figured this would be the link people were looking at this morning. If you are interested the course map is here:

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