Carpooling and post-race lunch at Treleaven for PGXC #2 on October 1 at Cato-Meridian High School

Hello, @pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon!

We’ll be racing this Sunday at Cato-Meridian High School (2851 NY-370, Cato, NY 13033), which is a 1:15 drive from Cornell. The course map shows a parking lot near the start/finish.

The race starts at 11 AM, so we recommend arriving at 10 AM so you have time to pick up your bib from the race organizers, get a singlet if you need to borrow one, and warm up with your team before the race. We’ll have a tent marked by FLRC flags where you can leave your stuff and meet with teammates to warm up.


Here’s the carpool plan:

  • Cornell: The main carpool will leave from its traditional location in the southwest corner of the Cornell B Lot. Plan to arrive at 8:30 AM. We’ll sort people into cars and leave at 8:45 AM sharp. If you plan to join this carpool, please reply to this post on the forum and indicate whether you can drive or would prefer to be a passenger. If we don’t already have it, please include your phone number so we can communicate via text. 607-275-9557 finds me, and Tonya is 607-275-8383.

  • Downtown Ithaca: At least Mik, Jason, Bob S, and Jesse will be leaving from downtown. If anyone else wants to leave from downtown, please reply on the forum so we can coordinate more cars. Be sure to include your phone number.

  • Other areas: Folks from Cortland, Lansing, and Danby may wish to drive separately rather than coming into Cornell first. That’s totally fine, but if you want to carpool with others in your area, reply here and we’ll see if we can match people up.

Team Stop for a Late Lunch

We’re planning to stop for a late lunch at Treleaven Winery (658 Lake Road, King Ferry, NY 13081) and we’ll see if having Ben Lambert (who works there) with us gets us special treatment. :slight_smile:

See you at the race! –Adam & Tonya

I will be going to B lot. I can drive or ride. My phone number is 515-707-5266.

I can drive or ride. Can drive from wherever, if I’m riding I’d rather leave from downtown. 480-246-9749

I will need a ride from downtown. Phone number is 607-351-1735. Thanks!


Scratch that, I just realized Sandy offered me a ride already!


I’ll be thankful to catch a ride, and downtown or Lansing would work best.

I need a ride, preferably from downtown.

It’d be great if the downtown riders, like @lahelmerick and @cpetroff, can contact/coordinate with Amalia on getting a ride. Amalia has a Prius, so let’s load people into her energy efficient car!

I need a ride, I can come to B lot. My # 657-282-7509

I will meet everyone at B lot and drive. My family is tagging along with me but we have one free seat. My number is (570)-439-2697.

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I’ll be at B Lot. I can drive and take up to 4 passengers. I can also pick someone up to bring them to B Lot if needed. I won’t be able to visit Treleaven Winery on the return however. My number is 607-342-2044.

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It would really help me if Charlie or someone could pick me up at home and take me to B lot as we are a one car family and my wife has an event much earlier in the morning. Also, unfortunately, son-in-law, Jay is getting over Covid and doesn’t feel comfortable with anyone riding with him even if he is able to run. I live at 67 Sapsucker Woods Rd.

@leffmath - Given the locations of Charlie’s house, the B-lot, your house, and the race, I think it makes the most sense for a B-Lot driver (perhaps Charlie) to pick you up from your home on the way to the race. Unless I hear otherwise, I will send a B-lot car to your house, so if that car leaves at 8:45, I expect it would get to your place at about 8:50. Does that sound OK?

That sounds great. Thanks, Tonya.

Hi folks… we should have plenty of drivers at the B-Lot tomorrow, with space for Kushal and a few more if other people arrive needing a ride.

For those who do want a ride from downtown Ithaca, I am hoping you have sorted out your plan already. I believe we have at least two cars going from downtown. (@lahelmerick and @cpetroff, see earlier in this thread and/or contact Amalia at 480-246-9749). If you are having difficulty, text me (607-275-8383) or Adam (607-275-9557) and we’ll help you find a ride.

If you go to the race in a car that is not returning home with your timing preference, note that it is often possible to switch return cars at the race. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Cato-Meridian!

I am leaving from downtown with 2 others. I have space for 1 or 2 more. Please text me at 315-807-8106. I can’t tell who still needs a ride and who is set.

@amalia @lahelmerick @cpetroff others?

@Mikhail_Kern right now I am planning to drive my own car whether leaving from downtown or from the B Lot. @cpetroff just let me know he’s going with you.

@lahelmerick - where in Lansing would you want to be picked up? If near 34 I could get you on the way up.

That’s very convenient. I’m on Esty Dr., which is near the intersection of 34 and Burdick Hill Rd. Thanks Amalia!

I will be at B lot at 8:30. I’d like to carpool and can drive if necessary, but would prefer to be a passenger.


@leffmath I will pick you up at your house this morning. As Tanya said, it will make sense to get you after stopping at B lot. What is your mobile number?