Carpooling and post-race lunch at Zugibe for PGXC #4 on November 5 at FLCC

Hello, @pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon!

We’ll be racing this Sunday at Finger Lakes Community College (3325 Marvin Sands Dr, Canandaigua, NY 14424), which is a 1:30 drive from Cornell. The start/finish line appears above the parking lot (Google Maps pin) on the course map.

The race starts at 11 AM, so we recommend arriving by 10 AM so you have time to pick up your bib from the race organizers, get a singlet if you need to borrow one, and warm up with your team before the race. We’ll have a tent marked by FLRC flags where you can leave your stuff and meet with teammates to warm up.


Here’s the carpool plan:

  • Cornell: The main carpool will leave from its traditional location in the southwest corner of the Cornell B Lot. Plan to arrive at 8:15 AM. We’ll sort people into cars and leave at 8:30 AM sharp. If you plan to join this carpool, please reply to this post on the forum and indicate whether you can drive or would prefer to be a passenger. If we don’t already have it, include your phone number so we can communicate via text. 607-275-9557 finds me, and Tonya is 607-275-8383.

  • Downtown Ithaca: A few people will be leaving from downtown. If anyone else wants to leave from downtown, please reply on the forum so you can work together to organize your rides. Be sure to include your phone number.

  • Other areas: Folks from Cortland, Lansing, and Danby may wish to drive separately rather than coming into Cornell first. That’s totally fine, but if you want to carpool with others in your area, reply here so you can set things up.

Team Stop for a Late Lunch

We’re planning to stop for a late lunch at Zugibe Vineyards (4248 E Lake Rd, Geneva, NY 14456). It’s about a 30-minute drive from the race on the way home.

See you at the race! –Adam & Tonya

Hi Gang, I would love to carpool and can drive or ride, but I need to get back right after the race, so I’ll be running fast this time. Best Wishes, hope we get awesome weather like right now, Carl (607-280-0265)

I plan on leaving from downtown and am happy to take others. 480-246-9749. Edit: fair warning - I will be listening to the NYC Marathon coverage the way there!

Happy to drive or be a passenger from Lot B on Sunday.

I will be coming to B Lot. Not sure yet if the family car is available or not… thanks for organizing the carpool!

I will be joining the carpool, I’d prefer to ride, and I may have to skip the lunch and come back early.

I can drive if there is a shortage of drivers but would prefer being passenger.

This is a bit of a late reply, but I’ll be going you guys to carpool tomorrow. I’ll meet you guys at Cornell and plan on being a passenger.

I will be there at 8:15 - can drive, but will skip the lunch.


I can drive. I will plan to drive back as soon as I cool down and stretch. No awards ceremony :disappointed: