Carpooling for PGXC #4 on Sunday, October 30

@pgxc-high-noon @pgxc-flrc For Sunday’s race, since it is so close by, Adam and I aren’t organizing our usual formal B-Lot carpool.

However, if you can offer a ride or if you need a ride, please reply to this post on the forum and hopefully someone can help you out. (Neither Adam nor I can help with carpooling this weekend, so please be resourceful amongst yourselves.)

Also, @KSlater is volunteering at the race and looking for a ride from the Belle Sherman area. I’ve asked @jeanluc if he can help out, and perhaps he can generally be available as a driver from that neck of the woods. But, since I don’t know Jean Luc’s availability, if you can give Kayla a ride, please let us know!

As it turns out, Kayla is all set for a ride. @KSlater, sorry for any confusion! I had you and Aaron mixed up in my Messages texting app.

Oh no worries! I’m actually giving Aaron a ride! If anyone else needs a ride, let me know!

Sorry I have not been on the Forum lately. I am going to the race. I can give at least two people rides. I’ll check here more regularly.:relaxed:

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