Carpooling to PGXC #5 and Award Ceremony on Sunday, Nov. 6th

Good day, @pgxc-flrc and @pgxc-high-noon!

The PGXC Championship Race and awards ceremony is this Sunday, November 6th at Center Park (1100 Ayrault Rd, Fairport, NY 14450 — Google Maps pin). We ran at this park in 2019, but this is a new 8K course with three loops of the back field (where there’s also some more parking).

Note that series awards will be given to the top ten runners in each age group; several of you are currently in line to win if you run this fifth race. After each race, points are given to the top 15 runners in each age group, with 1st place getting 20 points and then a sliding scale down to 1 point for 15th place. There are also team competitions and prizes—FLRC’s U19 and Women’s Super Vets teams are leading their divisions—and an overall team cup; for this cup High Noon and FLRC compete as one big team. Check the standings to see where you and your team rank. Alas, we aren’t in the running for the team cup against the massive teams from Buffalo and Syracuse, but we could conceivably edge out GVH for third.


Here’s the carpool plan:

  • Cornell: The main carpool will leave from its traditional location in the southwest corner of the Cornell B Lot. Plan to arrive at 7:45 AM. We’ll sort people into cars and leave promptly at 8:00 AM. If you plan to join this carpool, please reply to this post on the forum and indicate whether you can drive, would prefer to be a passenger, and if you’re planning to stay for the award ceremony or not.

  • Downtown Ithaca: If you need a pickup from downtown, we may be able to arrange for a B-Lot carpool to pick you up as it goes through town. Please reply on the forum so we can coordinate.

Post-Race Award Ceremony

As we’ve communicated over the past few weeks, the post-race party and award ceremony will be held at My Wine and Cheese Bar, a few minutes away in Fairport (400 Packett’s Landing Lower Level—Google Maps pin). There will be food for those who RSVPed to GVH already (they may also be allowing some orders at the door for $20), and it’s totally fine to attend the award ceremony without eating. There is some outdoor seating that may work for participating in the awards as well.

Tonya and I will be staying for the award ceremony and picking up prizes for anyone who has to leave early, although our current plan is to come back on our own via the nearby Apple Store since I want to see some of the new stuff I’ve been writing about in person. There will undoubtedly be a variety of cars for people who want to come back right away or go to the ceremony.

See you at the race! —Adam & Tonya

I’ll join the carpool from B lot. I can drive. I have a minivan with 6 other seats. I won’t be able to stay for the awards ceremony, so will head back right after the race.


I’ll be dropped off at the B lot and will need to ride with someone to and from the race. I would like to head home right after.


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I can drive and have room for 4 others. Also will not be attending the awards ceremony.


Thanks Adam and Tonya for more great organizing. I’ll have a car with room for four others and I’ll be staying for the awards and party. Best Running Wishes All, Carl


I will be there. I can take 3 passengers (or 4 if you don’t mind the middle seat). I will probably stick around for awards.


I would love a ride from downtown if possible. I live at 108 E. Yates St., but could meet somewhere else if more convenient. Many thanks!

Gill Haines-Sharp

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I would like to get a ride from downtown, if anyone has space. I can meet at the bank near Island Fitness, or anywhere else downtown.


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@gillian-haines-sharp and @jtk1 - I’ve read all the comments so far. It seems that we have several available drivers, and there will be no problem with you being picked up downtown.

Do either of you have a preference for staying for the awards ceremony or going directly home after the race?

I’ll be in touch later today with more.

I am hoping to stay for the awards ceremony, but if need be would go back right after if that was my only ride.

I’m fine with either staying for awards or not.


I’ll be at B lot. I can drive up to 3 passengers, or ride. I’ll skip the awards.

@gillian-haines-sharp @jtk1 - Adam and I are going to pick both of you up—we’d welcome your company for the trip to the race. For the ride home, since we are also stopping at an Apple Store, you will want to go with someone else. We’ll figure out who that will be at the B lot and then make sure it gets communicated. Upon leaving the B-lot we will go to Gill’s house first at 108 Yates and then we can pick Jesse up at his house (remind us of your specific address) or the usual bank parking lot location for pickups. Or, Jesse could meet us at Gill’s. Let us know.

I will check the forum tomorrow morning early for @jtk1’s pickup choice or any last-minute changes, but after that text messaging will be best: 607-275-8383 finds my iPhone.

I plan to make it to B lot for the carpool and can drive if needed. I have room for 4 passengers and plan to stay for awards.

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Thanks so much Tonya and Adam! Just a reminder that it is 108 E. Yates. (The block east of Cayuga St). People often end up in the hundred block of West Yates looking for our house.

My phone number is 607 351-1735.

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I am looking forward to seeing all of our carpoolers at the B Lot tomorrow morning. Amalia has messaged me - she doesn’t want to drive, so one of our carpool cars will pick her up downtown. We’ll coordinate at the B lot to figure out who.


Thanks for sorting this all out. My house is reasonably on the way between Gill’s and route 96, so how about you pick me up here: 511 N Plain st.


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@jtk1 - We’ll pick you up at your house, 511 N Plain