Check Barton Hall calendar for open track times

One of the benefits of being an FLRC member is that you can run in Barton Hall even if you’re not a member of the Cornell community. However, you do still need to find a time when the building and especially the track isn’t otherwise in use. To figure that out, consult the Barton Hall calendar. I recommend bookmarking the link for future reference.

The calendar is a good starting point, but it’s possible that a group or class could be using the track without appearing on the schedule. I know it’s frustrating, but if you get to Barton at what is supposed to be a free time and the track is clearly in use, please run outside instead. We don’t want to abuse our welcome on the track—Cornell is extremely unusual in allowing outsiders to use Barton like this. The university is good about plowing and salting walkways on campus, so it’s generally safe to run around the quads even when the roads might be unpleasant.

Thank you, Adam!

A quick question… what does the process look like when we get there? Is there like a check-in desk? Is there a better door to enter from than others? Can I stash a bag on bleachers or something like that? Apologies if I missed this info somewhere!

Generally speaking, the main doors to the track are on the east side, facing Teagle Hall. You can go in on the west side, facing Statler Hall (where the Cornell Police are) but you’ll have to go upstairs to get to the track. It’s easiest to park east of Barton somewhere or in the parking garage and go in the eastern doors—the west side isn’t nearly as accessible if you’re coming in by car.

There is a desk by the east doors, but Cornell isn’t requiring us to check in with the student monitors anymore.

And yes, it’s totally fine to drop a bag out of the way on the side somewhere. I haven’t heard of any problems with that.