Check out the new Awards page

@Challengers, Steve Desmond and I have come up with something new for the leaderboard—an Awards page!

As you know from your close reading of the FLRC Challenge Prizes page, not only do you get all sorts of physical, mental, and community benefits from participating in the Challenge, but you also could win some actual-convertible-into-running-gear money in the form of credits to your account at the Finger Lakes Running Company (another way we all support a local business).

Last year, it was way too complicated for anyone to figure out how much they might win, and it was difficult for me as well. So this year, you can see what everyone is going to win (and possibly change things in the remaining eight days) on the new Awards page.

Obviously, we believe this is working correctly, but if you see anything that seems wrong, let me know.


Congrats to everyone so far!