Check out the new Trail Circuit leaderboard!

Greetings Stoneheads, Pebbleheads, and Boulderheads!

Although FLRC’s trail running scene has been largely hibernating over the cold winter months (emerging only for the Super Frosty Loomis snowshoe race), we’ve been hard at work on a new feature for the 2022 FLRC Trail Circuit. We’re excited to announce the launch of the dynamic Trail Circuit leaderboard!

The leaderboard includes results, statistics, and rankings from all nine of our Trail Circuit races. At the conclusion of each race, see how you measure up against the competition in the speed-based Pebblehead and Stonehead rankings and the mileage-based Boulderhead rankings. Anyone who runs at least one Trail Circuit race will appear on the leaderboard, and it will bring together your performances in all our 2022 races, starting with Super Frosty Loomis. Series winners will take home some hardware at year’s end.

To get a sense of what the leaderboard will look like, check out the 2021 rankings in our archive.

Those of you who ran the FLRC Challenge in 2021 will recognize the layout and coding skills of local trail runner Steve Desmond. Huge thanks to Steve for all his hard work on this project!

The 2022 Trail Circuit race dates are:

We hope to see you on the trails in ‘22, and be sure to tell your friends about the Trail Circuit!