Cold after a long run?

Does anyone else get cold after a long run? By long I mean over 10 miles. I noticed after I did my Covid-19 19 miler and today after a 13.1 miler (had to run past the neighbors house to get the .1) that I felt cold in my core. A little searching on the internet got me “make sure you put on a dry shirt” kind of answer, yeah got that. I consumed some calories and took a warm shower but a few hours after I still feel cold. I’ve been running with a hydration pack so I don’t think I’m dehydrated. And honestly it’s not a bad thing. But is it ok? Just curious.

This has not happened to me. Do you think you need to fuel/fuel more during the longer runs?

Oh, yeah, this often happens to me after long runs. I don’t know whether it’s a problem or not, but I know that even on hot days in the summer, I can get cold after a long run. It’s not right away—maybe a hour or two after, and I notice it more if I’m sitting down and working rather than being up and about. I’ve always suspected it had something to do with my metabolism shifting to recovery mode or something. @JTuori, any idea what might account for this from a physiological standpoint?

Same here, I always get cold after exercising (doesn’t have to be long). I workout, hot shower immediately, eat, and then start getting cold. Circulation also cuts off to my feet and they turn a grey/purple hue.

@adamengst Good question, I’m actually not sure. The metabolism explanation makes sense intuitively if extra heat production suddenly stops but cooling processes are continuing longer.

Glad to know I’m not the only one. These are the kind of questions I usually ask on a run. But as I am mostly solo these days there is no one to ask! Thanks for the feedback.

Since you’re out alone on the roads, no one will notice you talking to yourself if you just can’t wait to ask here. But I think you’ll get a better answer — or at least more snark — here. :wink:

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